Scientists ‘Teleport’ a Particle Hundreds of Miles–But What Does That Mean?

Humanity is advancing rapidly towards a place where the news sounds an awful lot like science fiction. In fact, yesterday, Chinese scientists reported that they “teleported” a photon over hundreds of miles using a “quantum satellite.” But this isn’t Star Trek. It’s the real world. Read More >>

Physicists Smash Quantum Teleportation Record With 60-Mile Fibre Jump

A team of researchers from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has broken the distance record for quantum teleportation down optical fibre, showing they’re able to transfer quantum information over 60 miles. Read More >>

Quantum Object Teleported 100 Kilometres by Chinese Scientists

Though quantum teleportation has existed for well over 10 years, it has never actually happened at a distance that would be of any use to people in the real world. But for the first time, Chinese researchers were able to teleport a quantum object nearly 100 kilometers, ramping up the real world applications for the idea. Read More >>