Versatile New Quantum Chip Could Create Modular Quantum Computers

Quantum computers could immeasurably speed up the rate at which calculations run—but so far, their promise has yet to be realised. Now, a team of researchers has built a versatile quantum chip that it reckons could be pieced together to create a powerful computational device. Read More >>

Forget Schrödinger’s Cat: The Latest Quantum Puzzle’s About Three Pigeons in Two Holes

For decades, Schrödinger’s famous thought experiment involving a dead/alive cat has been the turn-to illustration of quantum mechanics. But now there’s a new quantum puzzle, which asks: can three pigeons be placed into two pigeonholes with no two pigeons being in the same hole? Read More >>

Google Claims to Have Proved That its Quantum Computer Actually Works

A team of researchers from Google’s artificial intelligence labs have published results which suggest its controversial D-Wave quantum computer really works. Read More >>

Google’s Quantum Computer Doubles its Qubit Rating

The D-Wave quantum computer that Google and its tech buddies are using to try to bin the rules of Moore's Law is now more powerful than ever, with its builder managing to double its 512 qubits operational limit in the new D-Wave 2X system. Read More >>

Modular Chameleon Satellite Can Transform to Change Missions

Once you’ve put a satellite into space, that’s normally kind if it. There’s not often a lot of re-planning once your technology is in orbit, meaning that if you want to change something like the broadcast frequency, you’re stuck. That’s the reason these transforming satellites exist. Read More >>

Physicists Want to Know if We’re All Actually Living in a Hologram

Although it sounds entirely like something dreamed up in a smoke-filled dorm room, whether the entire universe is a hologram is a very serious question—a question that gets at the heart of a fundamental problem in physics. A new experiment just starting up Fermilab just might hold the answer. Read More >>

How the Hell Does Quantum Mechanics Work Anyway?

People that know about quantum mechanics tend to talk about it very breezily, leaving us mortals behind. Be left behind no longer, though, with this wonderful little video. Read More >>

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Fascinating Visualisation Shows Changing State of Quantum Bit

This may look like some kind of rainbow top hat, but in fact you're looking at the changing state of a quantum bit — a qubit — over time. This experiment helps predict how quantum systems evolve, and may help us steer and control them more effectively in the future. [Nature via New Scientist] Read More >>

Scientists Increase Current-Gen Teleportation Range to Three Metres

Dutch physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience claim they've managed to demonstrate the "unconditional teleportation of arbitrary quantum states" in the lab, somehow beaming the spin state of an electron across a room. Read More >>

Quantum Positioning Could be a Radically New Submarine Navigation System

With GPS being so ubiquitous on land, it's easy to forget where GPS doesn't work--like deep underwater, where only strange sea creatures and submarines roam. Enter the bizarre new world of quantum positioning, where supercooled atoms could be the future of navigation. Read More >>

Smartphone Cameras Can be Used as Quantum Random Number Generators

Random numbers fuel and protect our digital lives, but they're notoriously difficult to generate properly. Now, scientists have shown that smartphone cameras can be used as quantum random number generators—and it could change the face of mobile security. Read More >>

This is the Most Complex Integrated Quantum Circuit Ever Made

It might look understated, but you're looking at the most functionally complex integrated quantum circuit ever made from a single material—and it can both generate photons and entangle them, all at the same time. Read More >>

Bank Note Ink Will Help Make Quantum Computers Cheaper

Every so often, the thing you've been looking for all along is right under your nose. Like the latest material to offer itself up as the future of quantum computing, which has been sitting on banknotes for decades. Read More >>

What’s Wrong With Quantum Computing

You've heard plenty of people by now, including us, banging on about quantum computers, and how they’re the future of high-performance computing. Quantum computing, we're meant to understand, is set to change the world. But despite its promise, it's neither widely available nor particularly useful yet. Here's why not. Read More >>