Geniuses Commit More Crimes And Get Away With Them, Says Criminologist

University of Auckland criminologist James Oleson has found that people with super-high IQs were more likely to commit most types of crime, and also more likely to not get caught. Read More >>

Optical Data Storage Squeezes 360TB on to a Quartz Disc—Forever

Want to make sure you back something up indefinitely? Then you could do worse than a new digital data storage technique that uses laser light to store 360 terabytes of information on nanostructured quartz for up to 14 billion years. Read More >>

The Beautiful Process of Turning Quartz Into Lab Glass at 3,000 Degrees

If you work in a lab, you've probably used lab glass made from quartz. But you probably haven't realised that the reason those test tubes are so durable is exactly what makes them so hard to mould. These beautiful GIFs, shot at GE's Global Research in upstate New York, shows exactly what it takes to make those beakers. Read More >>