You Can Finally Buy This Removable Battery-Equipped Power Bar

Last year, we lusted after Pickup Power, a Quirky-approved power strip with a built-in portable battery that could charge gadgets. And now that versatile little power pack is finally for sale. Read More >>

A Simple Stamp Turns a Beach Into a Temporary Chess Board

Even if the water's too cold to take a dip, there's still lots to do on a beach besides soaking up the sun. With this cube stamp you can even resort to playing board games without the risk of losing anything in the sand, because this chess board and its pieces are all temporary. Read More >>

An Instant Slide Makes Stairs Even Better Than a Firehouse Pole

Any child lucky enough to live in a two-story house will quickly figure out how to turn it into an indoor all-weather slide. Whether that's using a piece of cardboard as a sled, or simply by putting on a few extra pairs of undies for padding and bouncing down on their behind. But soon, thanks to the SlideRider, there could be another way. Read More >>

A Fold-Flat Watering Can Designed For Your Cramped Balcony Garden

If you live in a flat in a big city, and have managed to find a little room on your tiny balcony for a modest garden, you probably don't have much space left for the tools needed to toil over your cramped crops. So inventor Marc R. came up with this rather clever soft sided watering can called the Squish that's thin and easy to store when it's empty. Read More >>

These Scissors Have a Grooved Handle That Makes Them Safer to Use as a Knife

At one point or another, who of us hasn't risked losing a finger by opening a pair of scissors and using them as a quick, impromptu knife? It turns out they're a pretty good way to open taped boxes without horribly slicing what's inside, so Quirky took the idea and created a pair of scissors called the Sheath that's actually safe to use as an improvised knife. Read More >>

Never Stick Your Hand Into Gnarly Dishwater Again

You finally finished washing a big load of dishes by hand, hurray! But if the water is so nasty that you can't see to the bottom of the sink, the last thing you want to do is reach your hand in and pull out the stopper. Gadget to the rescue. Read More >>

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Has It Really Taken This Long For Someone To Create Shower Curtain Ring Hooks?

There never seem to be enough places to hang wet towels and face cloths in the bathroom. So it's baffling to think it's taken this long for someone to come with the Branch—an enhanced shower curtain ring that brilliantly adds a pair of hooks. Read More >>

OXO and Quirky Are in a Ridiculous Fight Over the Design of a Dustpan

You know how when you're sweeping with a broom and all those little dust bunnies get caught in your broom and you can't get them out? Both OXO and Quirky have smartly designed products that solve the problem. They're dustpans with little rakes. Genius! But now the two companies are getting all AppleSamsung over it. Read More >>

Mouldable Sanding Blocks Are the Perfect Shape For Any Abrasion

Sanding blocks are fantastic labour-savers, but if you're sanding ornate carvings, the sandpaper typically has to mold to your fingertips. Taking the idea of a malleable foam sanding block to the next level, these Sandables are made from a mouldable material so they can be reshaped to conform to any angle, curve, or random shape. Read More >>

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Resilient Gifts For the Accident-Prone

Everybody knows someone who's a walking disaster. Hand over a tablet and, oh hey, here's a new port in the middle of the screen. Let 'em near the TV and, congrats, now you've got a piece of modern art. You might not be able to save all gadgets from the klutzes in your lives—or even save them from themselves—but with these durable gifts you can at least offer a little protection. Read More >>

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The Greatest Innovation in Packing Tape Since the Sticky Side

If you've ever marveled at how easy it is to open a padded shipping envelope thanks to its built-in rip cord that tears through the material, you'll instantly understand why this enhanced roll of packing tape is pure genius. Read More >>

A Collapsable Accordion Toaster Would Save Precious Counter Space

If you're tired of your toaster just sitting around wasting counter space after the breakfast rush, you'll appreciate Quirky's Crisp toaster concept. Like playing an accordion, it can be squeezed down to a mere 2.5-inches wide so it's easy to store. Read More >>

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Fading Highlighter Makes Textbooks Easier To Sell

Selling your textbooks at the end of a semester to recoup some of their outrageous price tags could get even easier with Quirky's Fader highlighter. After five months the yellow streaks will disappear completely, netting you top money for your pristine books. Read More >>

Ironing Your Clothes Would Be a Million Times Easier with This Simple Gadget

For the perpetually un-grown up among us, ironing clothes without steaming in creases in the wrong places is mostly totally impossible. Iron one side, wrinkle the crap out of the other. Repeat. Hopefully this genius invention from Quirky will save me (us, I mean us) from spending 15 minutes ironing one dress shirt. Read More >>

This Container Always Pours The Perfect Portion

Here's another reason to store your dry ingredients in airtight containers. Quirky's new Silo features a couple of strategically placed dividers in the main reservoir that guarantee you're always pouring an exact amount, without having to dirty a measuring cup. Read More >>