Clarkson Choppered in to Host Rebooted Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Plain-speaking man of the people Jeremy Clarkson is about to return to the regular kind of television that normal people have displayed at the wrong aspect ratio on non-smart Alba screens in their living rooms, with the touring Amazon star convincing his internet bosses to let him do a stint on ITV stalwart Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?. Read More >>

Spot the Supercar from the Crash Debris

This mangled pile of burnt bits is all that's left of a supercar that hit a house in Wiltshire and came off worse. But what did it used to be? Who uses orange like that? Which company puts on that type of wheels? And has anyone checked to see if Richard Hammond has tweeted anything today? Read More >>

Here are the Solutions to GCHQ’s Christmas Puzzle

GCHQ has handed out the answers to the charming cryptocard its director Robert Hannigan sent out for Christmas, revealing that literally no one got all of it right. Three people came quite close, mind, winning themselves a... GCHQ paperweight and a copy of the biography of Alan Turing. Read More >>

Do You Know Your Mornington Crescent From Your East Putney?

That's the concept of the tube station quiz from social media fun/list supplier Us vs Them, which blanks out the names of stations on the tube map and asks users to correctly pick the site of a given name. It'll be easier if you've ever lived in London and tended to move flats a lot. [Us vs Them] Read More >>