Boris Johnson
Was Boris Johnson Trying to Quote Churchill During His Dystopian Chicken Speech at the UN?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a bizarre speech on Tuesday night at the United Nations General Assembly that included plenty of dire warning about the future, including everything from the rise of killer robots to “limbless chickens” on the kitchen table. And as strange as it sounds, Johnson may have been trying to quote former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Read More >>

The Story Behind That JFK Quote About Destroying the CIA

John F. Kennedy campaigning in Indiana on October 5, 1960 (Photo by Sven Walnum)

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Watching Every Day in Groundhog Day Play Out at the Same Time Is Maddening

To some, 2nd February is a time to trust the wisdom of a shadow-spotting rodent who makes vague predictions about the severity of winter. To others, it’s an annual excuse to watch Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day, again. But if you’re short on time this year, Neil Fennell has made a shorter half-hour version of the film where each repeating day plays out at the same time. Read More >>

100 Famous Movie Quotes as Charts

Nathan Yau has turned the American Film Institute's 100 most memorable quotes from cinema into chart form. Here they are, in all their wonderful geeky glory. Read More >>

Make Samuel L. Jackson Say Your Words

Samuel L. Jackson has come up with a clever way to hammer the Reddit servers harder than ever, offering to read out the best comment left on a thread he started. If you win, you can quite legitimately call yourself an A-List Hollywood scriptwriter. Read More >>

Galloway in Twitter Storm, Again, Over Disabled Slur

George Galloway, the foot-in-mouth expert and occasional MP for Bradford West, has done it again, using an archaic disability slur to slag off a Twitter user. Read More >>

The Top Tech Quotes from 2011 Are Actually Entertaining

The New Yorker has a list of the top ten tech quotes of 2011. Instead of the usual boring quotes about how awesome a product is, they're insights into the dirty underbelly of the world of technology. Read More >>