BlackBerry Returns (Again) With QWERTY Android Phone With No Name

TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited, the current owner of the BlackBerry brand, has announced a new BB mobile at CES, although it's not gone so far as to give it a name. It's the "...latest BlackBerry smartphone" and they're still trying to think up a good name or number for it. Read More >>

French Government Says Silly Keyboards are Butchering The Language

France has finally decided to address its long-standing keyboard issue. Unlike in the UK, where QWERTY is king, French keyboards follow an AZERTY layout, but they’ve never ever been standardised. This means that manufacturers have confused the market with a wide range of models featuring different key layouts. Pretty silly. Read More >>

Turn Your iPhone 6 into a £99 BlackBerry With Typo2

Typo2 is a crazy thing. It's a lump of black plastic with a QWERTY keyboard on it, designed to plug into the bottom of an iPhone 6 and deliver that physical BlackBerry keyboard feeling that people... have been deserting in droves. Read More >>

Why We Still Use QWERTY Keyboards (Even Though They’re Awful)

How intuitive are modern keyboards? It can take a beginner ages to really get up to speed with a QWERTY keyboard, and without some form of formal training, most people wind up becoming one-finger typists. Read More >>

This Trewgrip Backwards Keyboard Gives You an Absurd New Way to Type

The Trewgrip mobile QWERTY keyboard for iOS and Android devices is absurd. It's a handheld keyboard that puts the keys behind the board but arranges the letter in a weird way that somehow makes sense. So you hold the keyboard like you would a game pad and type by pressing keys on the back. It tries to make sense without making sense. Read More >>

BlackBerry Q10 Priced at £579 SIM-Free

BlackBerry's either extremely confident about its forthcoming Q10's chances of success or desperate to pull in any money while it can, with the new QWERTY BB10 model now up for pre-order in the UK at the astonishing price of £579. That's a super-high price usually reserved  for established smartphone kings Samsung and Apple. An audacious move by BlackBerry, or commercial death-wish madness? Read More >>

The Clearest Shots Yet of BlackBerry’s Great QWERTY Hope

Blackberry Empire claims these are shots of RIM's N-Series BB10 handset that have leaked ahead of the official BB10 launch on January 30th. And if these are real shots, we're intrigued to actually hold the phone to see how it handles. Read More >>

Is This BlackBerry’s QWERTY Savior?

The hole RIM has found itself in is deep, dark, and doused in despair. And as much as the company's gambling on its new BB10 platform to pull itself up, an operating system's only as good as the phones running it. So take a good, hard look at this supposed BlackBerry N-Series device. It could be RIM's best shot at survival. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Touch Cover ‘Making Of’ Video Posted by Proud Dads at MS

Microsoft has uploaded a half promotional, half educational video about the Microsoft Surface's clever (but expensive) new Touch Cover keyboard, letting us see some of the thinking behind the QWERTY hard-cover combo. Read More >>

RIM Adds Dedicated BBM Button to its Cheapo BlackBerry Curve Range

RIM's latest update of its Curve BlackBerry series has all of the usual buttons we've come to expect from the QWERTY classic range, only now there's a specific hotkey for instant access to the company's BBM messaging service. Read More >>