Raccoon Vs. Crow Is the Alien Vs. Predator of Trash Animals

Nature isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it’s just gnarly as hell. Read More >>

Raccoons Playing With Soap Bubbles Prove That Raccoons are All Right

It seems like raccoons get a bad reputation. Many people believe that they are rodents and that impression isn’t helped by their tendency to eat out of bins in the dark. But raccoons seem pretty cool to me. It’s time that their image gets some rehab and this video of a couple of raccoons popping bubbles while wearing outfits is a great place to start. Read More >>

Why Scaring Animals Shitless is Good for the Environment

Big carnivores are scary, both to humans and the animals they prey upon. But as a new study demonstrates, the fear that these predators instil among their prey can have a positive influence on ecological health and biodiversity, a finding with important implications for conservation. Read More >>

Here’s How the Automobile (And Youth Culture) Led to Raccoons Taking Over Germany

The butterfly effect is a funny thing. You never know where one discovery will lead. Take the automobile: It changed the world, transforming cities and small towns. And it also led to raccoons leaving America—and, possibly, taking over Europe. Read More >>

Animals Enjoy Popping Bubble Wrap Just Like Humans Do

Few legal substances are as addictive and therapeutic as popping bubble wrap. Humans can lose hours getting the quick fix of popping every last air bubble. It turns out animals, like this raccoon, do the same. Read More >>