Birmingham to Host Formula E Street Race in 2019

The maligned city of Birmingham might be in for a good few years of positive international PR, as the host of the 2022 Commonwealth Games is also in the final stages of negotiating the arrival another global event – a Formula E street race. Read More >>

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Watch a High-Speed Train Race a Fighter Jet

If you don’t live in a country where high-speed trains are common, you might not realise how fast they can really go. Travelling at just shy of 200 miles per hour, this TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) train in France was able to keep pace with a fighter jet during an inaugural run of a new line. Read More >>

Amateur Top Gear Busted in Barnsley

Three men from the South Yorkshire area are currently car-less after having their rented rides seized by police, who spotted them on the motorway having their own little Top Gear tribute supercar showdown. Read More >>

Cyclist Plans Planet Lap in 80 Days

Hardcore cyclist Mark Beaumont is launching a new attempt on the round-the-world bicycle speed record, hoping to cover the entire 18,000 mile route in just 80 days. Read More >>

Jet-Powered Hearses, Shopping Trolleys and Sheds Battle for World Speed Records

A race event over the weekend saw world records fall and much exotic fuel burned, as attendees at North Yorkshire's Elvington Airfield watched weird vehicles attempt to out-weird and out-race each other. Read More >>

The Hoff Will be Driving a Supercar Around the UK’s Major Cities This Weekend

London's Regent Street will be closed to normal traffic on Bank Holiday Monday, as a host of celebrities, racing drivers and assorted people with loads of money and more than one car take to the streets to show off their available horsepower. Read More >>

14-Year-Old Amateur Becomes Scalextric World Champion

Ted Trim, from Theydon Bois in Essex, is the new Scalextric World Champion, having beaten 200 other contenders in a year-long standardised lap time free for all. The tear-jerking clickbait catch is that it was his first go. He was born to depress a trigger. Read More >>

F1 Fan Risks Death in Track Invasion Stunt

A Formula One fan is likely to miss the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend due to being in prison. He was arrested after clearing security fences and running across the track during today's practise session. Read More >>

Race Track Invader Man Gets Eight-Month Jail Term

So it wasn't viral marketing for Volkswagen or a Lynx/Pot Noodle campaign gone bad. The man who drove his girlfriend out onto a race track during an event has been jailed, with the 22-year-old driver picking up an eight-month prison sentence for his impromptu Top Gear challenge homage. [Independent] Read More >>

Man Beats Train in London Tube Station Blitz

It's the special secret that only 8.3 million or so people know -- many London tube stations are so close to each other it's quicker to walk between them than suffer the escalators of tourist doom. This runner proves the point by getting off at Mansion House and running to Cannon Street, then getting back on the same train. Read More >>

Birmingham Leads Charge to Stage New City Centre Races

The government's slackening of the red tape that restricts local councils from allowing urban street races is getting the people of Birmingham excited, with thousands petitioning for the return of the Superprix motor race series staged there in the late 1980s. Read More >>

World’s Dumbest Driver Takes VW Polo on Track During Live Race

Amazing. Or amazingly stupid. This clip shows some youths driving their Volkswagen Polo onto the actual track at Brands Hatch during a race. You wouldn't think it possible, but... they did it, driving down the pit lane and out onto the circuit. The driver planned to tell the marshalls they "got lost" when in fact they merely got stupid. [YouTube] Read More >>

Blind (and Stupid) Man Jailed for 85mph Car Chase

A high-speed, five-mile car chase through Sheffield ended with the virtually blind driver stopping his car, getting into the passenger seat and telling local police: "It wasn't me driving. I'm blind." Read More >>

Force India Captures F1 Crash in Glowy, Extra-Worrying Thermal Vision

F1 driver Paul di Resta made a bit of a mess of things over the weekend, forgetting to slow down and whacking the car in front of him. What made this mundane F1 incident more interesting than most bumps was the way it was captured in heat-detecting thermal vision. Read More >>

Ferrari Driver’s No Claims Bonus Survives High Speed Track Spin

This video shows the moment a Ferrari driver spun out on a race track, before miraculously saving himself, and his posh red car, in a rather worrying high-speed incident. Read More >>