Snapchat, Instagram Pull Giphy Integration After Users Find Extremely Racist GIF

Facebook subsidiary Instagram and stumbling competitor Snapchat have both disabled GIF-embedding service Giphy after an extremely racist image began spreading on the platform, TechCrunch reported. Read More >>

Google Censors Gorillas Rather Then Risk Them Being Mislabelled As Black People—But Who Does That Help?

Two years ago, the object-recognition algorithm fueling Google Images told a black software engineer, Jacky Alciné, his friends were gorillas. Given the long, racist history of white people claiming the people of the African diaspora are primates instead of human beings, Alciné was predictably upset. As was his employer: Google. Read More >>

Racist 1920s Article Worried That ‘Savage’ Styles Were the Wave of the Future

Photo of unnamed Americans in 1923 (Library of Congress)When you comb through old newspaper articles looking for predictions for the future like I do you can start to become numb to the racism of the 19th and 20th centuries. But I just stumbled upon an article from 1927 that was pretty damn racist, even for the time. Read More >>

Why the Law Doesn’t (and Sometimes Shouldn’t) Protect Us From the Algorithms That Rule Our Lives

Most people are aware that algorithms control what you see on Facebook or Google, but automated decision-making is increasingly being used to determine real-life outcomes as well, influencing everything from how fire departments prevent fires to how police departments prevent crime. Given how much these (often secretive) systems have come to dominate our lives, it’s time we got specific about how algorithms can hurt people. A new report seeks to do just that. Read More >>

AI Professor Details Real-World Dangers of Algorithm Bias

However quickly artificial intelligence evolves, however steadfastly it becomes embedded in our lives—in health, law enforcement, sex, etc.—it can’t outpace the biases of its creators, humans. Microsoft Researcher Kate Crawford delivered an incredible keynote speech, titled “The Trouble with Bias,” at Spain’s Neural Information Processing System Conference on Tuesday. In Crawford’s keynote, she presented a fascinating breakdown of different types of harms done by algorithmic biases. Read More >>

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Godwin of Godwin’s Law: “By All Means, Compare These Shitheads to The Nazis”

Any masochist who has spent an ounce of time taking part in the eye gouge that is “internet discourse” has heard one of its core tenets, Mike Godwin’s law. That law, as recounted in Wired, goes as follows: Read More >>

FaceApp Blames AI for Whitening up Black People

People who actually want to see their faces reflected in their phone screens have been having fun with FaceApp recently, with Facebook and Twitter currently overloaded with images of users sharing what they look like young, old and "hot" as adapted by the app's filters. Read More >>

Hidden Figures Reveals Why Politics is an Intrinsic Part of Technological Progress

Hidden Figures finally hits UK cinemas later this month - and is a powerful recreation of the story of three black women, Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) and Katherine G Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), who worked at NASA during the 60s - and who were responsible for making the calculations that ensured American rockets kept up with the Soviet Union. Read More >>

Airbnb Is Finally Trying To Fix Its Racism Problem 

Airbnb has long dealt with a problem of racist hosts who discriminate against people for reasons including race, ethnicity, and gender. After facing widespread criticism and class action lawsuits, the burgeoning startup valued at upwards of $25 billion is rolling out new rules in an attempt to combat racism. Read More >>

Snapchat Got Racist Again

It seems like only yesterday Snapchat was putting out a blackface Bob Marley filter. Now, it appears the company has moved on to yellowface. Read More >>

Airbnb Bans Racist Host for Being Very Racist

Amid growing accusations of racism, Airbnb has permanently banned a North Carolina host who cancelled a black guest’s reservation and called her racist slurs. The ban is Airbnb’s attempt to do damage control at a time when social-media campaigns, personal accounts, and even a Harvard research paper claim that the site is a hotbed of racism. It also provides a glimpse into the power of social media and the challenge of regulating users in the sharing economy. Read More >>

Apple Security Caught Booting Black Kids Out of an Apple Store

An Apple Store manager in Melbourne has been forced to apologise to a group of local schoolkids, after staff and security guards kicked them out of the shop for suggesting it looked like they "might steal something." Read More >>

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Racist Fools Accuse Star Wars of Being ‘Anti-White’ (and it’s Quite Entertaining)

A bunch of racist idiots want to boycott Star Wars: The Force Awakens, because they reckon it’s ‘anti-white’. The upcoming movie has dominated the headlines this week, following the release of a new trailer and poster, as well as cinema tickets. Read More >>

Racist Google Photos Blunder Auto-Tags Black Couple ‘Gorillas’

The Google Photos auto-tagging algorithm has found itself at the centre of a bizarre racism storm, after one black user found it had auto-tagged a photo of him and his friend as "gorillas." Read More >>