BBC 6 Music is Basically the Best Radio Station Ever, Says YouGov Survey

A new survey from YouGov has declared BBC Radio 6 Music the best on multiple fronts, including being the most innovative, relevant, and exciting. Read More >>

The BBC Isn’t Keen on Killing FM Radio Just Yet

After the digital TV switchover finished itself off in 2012, it was only a matter of time before plans started being put into motion to do the same for radio. But the BBC isn't too keen on that idea. It wants to keep FM Radio around "for the foreseeable future". Read More >>

The BBC Has Launched its First Voice Control Skill for Amazon’s Alexa

When it comes to smart speakers, the BBC is actively embracing the future. Not only has it released an interactive audio drama for the Amazon Echo and Google Home, it's gone ahead and released an Alexa skill that brings in all of the BBC's local radio and podcast services - with support for other smart speakers coming in the near future. Read More >>

Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys Is Being Turned Into a Radio Drama

It’s been a very good year for fans of Neil Gaiman. American Gods was excellent, there’s Good Omens on the way, and now another of his works is being brought to life on radio: his 2005 fantasy novel Anansi Boys. Read More >>

People are Most Trusting of News on the Radio, Says Radio Survey of Radio People

A survey of people who like listening to the radio has found out that they trust the radio more than other forms of news outlet, as an unseen person reading out things somehow adds an extra aura of authority to what's being said. Social media, of course, came bottom, because people like us can say anything, add the relevant hashtag then... get read out on the news, creating a modern truthfulness paradox. Read More >>

The BBC is Launching a Personalised Version of iPlayer Radio for Your Car

If you're lucky enough to have a car that runs Apple's Carplay or Android Auto, and you like listening to all the radio stations the BBC has to offer, you're in luck. The corporation has announced that it's releasing a personalised version of the BBC iPlayer app for both platforms. Read More >>

Futurama is Getting an Encore With a New Radio Drama

The last episode of Futurama ended with Fry lovingly asking his wife Leela if she’d like to “go around again,” and now it looks like they’re going to. Nerdist has paired with the creators of the show to create a brand new radio play that ties into the show’s latest mobile game. Read More >>

Pirate DJ Hacks Mansfield Radio Station to Repeatedly Play Masturbation Song

The radio waves belonging to regional station Mansfield 103.2 are being repeatedly hacked, with Ofcom saying that a broadcasting enthusiast with his own transmission equipment is illegally inserting his favourite novelty song into the radio station's broadcasts. Read More >>

Old Radio 1 Shows and DJs Dusted Off for 50th Anniversary

The BBC is planning several parties for this September, as Radio 1 prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary of beaming free pop music out to the youth of the nation. Read More >>

BBC’s Slow Radio to Feature Four-Hour Walk in the Countryside

BBC Radio 3 is taking the trend for slow TV -- hours of pottery, train rides, canal trips and bus journeys shown unedited -- to a weird new place, by broadcasting four hours of "slow radio." Read More >>

Ads Will Be Even Harder to Escape Now That Posters Can Hijack FM Radio

Visual ads like signs, posters, and billboards are easy to ignore—you just need to look away. But what if a poster for a concert started broadcasting music or notifications to your smartphone? Researchers at the University of Washington have found a way to turn print ads into low-power radio stations, making a future inundated with advertisements seemingly impossible to escape. Read More >>

BBC Casts Real Robot To Play Robot In “I, Robot”

For the first time, a real robot has been cast in an adaptation of Isaac Asimov's 'I, Robot,' to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Read More >>

Norway Is Killing FM Radio Tomorrow

On Wednesday, Norway will become the first country in the world to start shutting down its national FM radio network in favour of digital radio. Norwegians have had years to prepare, but the move is still catching many off guard. Read More >>

This Was the Futuristic Police Line-Up of 1931

In the 1930s, audio tech nerds were tinkering with everything. The most futuristic model homes of the day were wired for sound in every room, home audio recording was being introduced, and the LP was invented to use as audiobooks for the blind. And even things we’d consider mundane today got the radio treatment in order to make them high-tech. One of those things was the police line-up, seen above wired for sound in 1931. Read More >>

The Futuristic Walkman of 1938 Wasn’t Very Portable

Today we take it for granted that we can bring music with us wherever we go. But that obviously wasn’t always the case. As just one example of how cumbersome portable music could sometimes be, take a look at this portable radio receiver from 1938. It was all the rage in France. Read More >>