RAF Says Beards are Fine Now But Must be Tidy

The Royal Air Force is getting with the times, daddio, as it's finally about to remove an ancient clause demanding that its staff are cleanly shaven about the face. Read More >>

Dambusters Reform to Pilot US Stealth Fighters

617 Squadron, known and immortalised as the Dambusters way back in the black and white days, is back. And it has some pretty impressive toys in the form of a batch of F-35B Lightning stealth jets. Those EU dams are going to bloody get it. Read More >>

RAF Air Drops Radiators on Snowbound Cumbrian Villages

Bloody hell, there's like a proper crisis going on in Cumbria, and for once it's more serious than parking issues and tourists not knowing how to reverse -- it's a life or death snow apocalypse. Read More >>

10 of the Biggest, Baddest and Barmiest British Military Vehicles

It's Transport Week here on Giz UK, and while much of our coverage so far has focused on distinctly civilian means of propulsion, it's now time to appreciate the bonkers world of British military vehicles. Read More >>

Watch the Last Flight of a Legendary British Bomber Plane

The end. Nobody will ever watch The Spirit of Great Britain’s elegant delta shape silhouette fly again. XH558, the last flying example of the British Avro Vulcan strategic bombers, took off for her final flight on the 28th of October, 2015. Here is a set of GIFs made of the short 15 minute farewell flight and the plane’s final landing. Read More >>

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The Last of the Vulcans Retires After 55 Years of Service

On the 1st of July, 1960 Avro pilot Tony Blackman climbed into the cockpit of a Hawker Siddeley Vulcan delta wing strategic bomber in order to deliver her from the aircraft manufacturer (A.V. Roe and Company, Avro) for Royal Air Force. Read More >>

RAF Jets Scrambled to Intercept Russian Bombers Off Dorset Coast

There was very nearly an international diplomatic situation above the British southern coastline yesterday, as two Russian Bear long-range bombers were spotted flying near to British airspace over Dorset. Read More >>

RAF’s Reaper Drones Bombing Iraq for the First Time

The RAF's Reaper drone has dropped its first bomb in Iraq, as Gulf War XIV kicks off in a very hands-off manner. One Hellfire missile was fired at Islamic State targets, apparently hitting local fighters laying roadside bombs north of Baghdad. Read More >>

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This is the Jet the UK is Sending to Take on Islamic State

The US has already conducted more 150 airstrikes against the group calling themselves Islamic State (IS) since September 10th and governments from around the world are gearing up to join in. The UK's Royal Air Force has just brought their contribution to the table in the form of a fleet of low-flying penetrators. Read More >>

Look Inside the Control Room of an RAF Remote Drone Operation

The Royal Air Force (RAF) base at Waddington maintains two Ground Control Stations for managing unmanned aircraft systems flying halfway around the world in Afghanistan. Read More >>

RAF Tornado Jets are Flying With 3D Printed Spare Parts

RAF contractor BAE Systems has revealed that some Tornado jets have been flying with spare parts built using a 3D printer, with layered metallic replacement bits featuring in some test flights last month. Read More >>

RAF Top Gun
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Yes, the RAF Can Be Top-Gun-Badass Too

There's no doubt the US Air Force knows what it's doing with its awesome imagery, spitting out jaw-dropping photo after jaw-dropping photo. But it's not just the Americans that can do Top Gun badassery, cue the Royal Air Force. I think I've just found my new desktop background. Read More >>

raf base neatished for sale on ebay
RAF Airbase Up For Sale On Ebay

Supervillains of the world, take note: there's a RAF airbase up for sale on eBay, and it's a steal at just £2.5 million. Oh, and it's even got a massive underground bunker. Chequebooks out and form an orderly queue, please. Read More >>

Never Before Seen World War II Fighter Plane Found in the Sahara Desert After 70 Years

In what historians are calling the aviation equivalent to finding King Tut's tomb, a World War II fighter plane has been found in the Sahara desert 70 years after it crashed. Even more impressive, the plane is perfectly preserved—it hasn't been touched and hasn't even been seen until now. Read More >>

Hijacking Panic Sends Terrifying Sonic Booms Over England

A series of unfortunate events: a confused helicopter pilot accidentally gives a signal that he's been hijacked. British RAF fighters are scrambled so quickly to shoot the thing down, they go supersonic. Brits down below fear explosions and earthquakes. Boom. Read More >>