London to Scotland Sleeper Trains to go Full Travelodge From 2018

Did you know, right, that there's an overnight train that connects London to Scotland? With beds? Proper, lie-down-in, beds? And someone to bring you a cup of tea in the morning? Well there is, and even though the shaver plug sockets have been upgraded and turned into USB outputs in the last year or two, it's all a charmingly old fashioned experience. But that is to change from 2018, when a new fleet of 75 bespoke modern carriages enters service. Read More >>

Phone Storage for Digital Railcards is Coming This Autumn

Any national railcards that you're young enough to have or travel enough to have will soon be able to be stored digitally, with a system to let train travellers store their discount-enablers in a smartphone app finally ready to launch. Read More >>

Eurostar Will Go Direct From London To Amsterdam This Year

Eurostar plans to offer a direct route from London to Amsterdam before the year is up. You can already use the service to get to the city now, but you need to change to a different, albeit high-speed, train to get to either Rotterdam or Amsterdam. The new service will go direct in little under four hours and there will be two trains per day. Read More >>

We’re Selling Some Stuff to China!

A new trade route has opened up between the UK and China, with a cargo train set to leave Stanford-le-Hope today to start on a staggering 7,500 mile overland journey to Yiwu in the Zhejiang province of China. Read More >>

Network Rail Says Our Trains Should be Batterified

The boss of Network Rail has had a great idea for a way to save the cost of electrifying the chunks of the UK's railway network that haven't been converted -- battery powered trains. Read More >>

Plans Submitted for Maglev Pods to Link Manchester and Liverpool

A ridiculously ambitious plan to link Manchester and Liverpool with high speed maglev trains has been handed in to bosses within the Transport for the North department, which could, if it ever existed, get people across the country in a matter of minutes. Read More >>

We Have a Scheduled Passenger Steam Train Running Again

A steam train of the actual old fire/smoke kind is running a scheduled service in the UK again this week, as enthusiasts have managed to get the restored engine Tornado operating daily runs between the northern powerhouses of Appleby and Skipton on the Settle to Carlisle stretch of line. Read More >>

Cheaper Train Journeys Promised in Ticket Rules Shakeup

The life hack that is buying loads of single tickets and chaining them together to save money on longer trips is coming to some of our rail franchises, with a rethink of the ticketing system aiming to make buying the cheapest possible ticket the easiest option -- instead of a near-impossible, multi-dimensional logistical battle against an unseen capitalist machine. Read More >>

When Did Your Train Company Last Have to Apologise?

A web site that collates public apologies made by people who work for train companies pretending to be sorry to their customers has tracked over 250,000 so far this year, with the perpetually-striking Southern topping the annual rating so far with a staggering 38,137 sorrys having been said thus far. Read More >>

London’s Mayor Denied Powers to Take Charge of Suburban Rail Lines

The transport secretary has poured the wrong kind of water on the London mayor's plan to take charge of the Southeastern services that bring people into the over-populated corner of the country, saying it amounts to little more than deckchair shuffling and that it would create an accountability nightmare. Read More >>

National Rail to be Stripped of its Train Track Monopoly

The transport secretary has outlined a plan to create new rail franchises that operate the tracks alongside Network Rail, meaning there could soon be more than one group to blame when things go wrong and you're in a tunnel without internet for the evening. Read More >>

Brighton and Hove Albion Tries to End Neverending Rail Strike

The big battle between railway franchise Southern and the RMT Union that represents some of its staff is still besieging the expensive bit of the country with rail strikes, but help might be at hand. Brighton and Hove Albion wants to broker peace talks so men can get to the football a bit easier when the trains go back on again. Read More >>

Sheffield Left Off New HS2 Route Plans

The new route for the second phase of the high-speed rail line has been unveiled by the government, with HS2 set to run from Crewe to Manchester and connect the West Midlands to Leeds. Read More >>

Great Western Railway Upgrade Late and £2.1bn Over Budget

The National Audit Office has painted a grim picture of the project to upgrade the Great Western railway route, calculating that the total cost of the scheme is likely to top out at £5.58 billion -- £2.1 billion more than it was projected to cost as recently as 2013. Read More >>

New Rail Franchise Invented to Run HS2

The government's created a new rail franchise to take control of HS2 and apologising to angry people on Twitter when the S isn't H enough, with the future high-speed line to be operated by West Coast Partnership. Read More >>