We Could Have a New Rail Company to Hate by 2021

There is a new start-up in town on the railway scene, as Grand Union – with its cleverly chosen evocative name – is looking to start running some new rail services from 2021. Read More >>

Leaked HS2 Report Says Build it Regardless of Cost (£88bn at Least)

It's time to roll out the template for a news story about something the UK is doing taking vastly longer/costing vastly more than planned, as the report into the future of HS2 has been leaked, and you'll never guess what it says. Read More >>

South Western Rail Staff to Strike Basically For Ever

South Western Railway staff are about to strike for so long that it may be quicker to build a standalone rail line to run alongside the existing tracks and use that instead of trying to negotiate a solution, as workers are about to embark on a planned 27 days of action through December and January. Read More >>

UK Trains Given the Brown Light to Continue Dumping Human Waste on the Tracks

Several UK rail franchises are sticking with the horrifyingly outdated practise of discharging flushed toilets directly onto the tracks, as efforts to retrofit the national fleet with new rolling stock and/or septic tank facilities have ground to a classic halt. Read More >>

Northern Rail Operator Faces Nationalisation of Shame

A part of the government that's still working vaguely normally is considering unleashing the metaphorical nuclear option on the Northern rail franchise, adding to local calls that the chaotic scenes and poor performance on the line cannot continue and threatening the operator with nationalisation. Read More >>

Rail Bosses Plan Forth Bridge Climbing Tours

Network Rail is after the influencer pound, and is planning for a future when boyfriends take photos of their girlfriends' bottoms right atop the legendary structure of the Forth Bridge. Read More >>

Welsh Tram-Trains Horrify Potential Riders With Lack of Toilets

Detailed plans for the south Wales Metro that's to better link Cardiff with the valleys have been revealed, and of course there's uproar about something. In this case, it's the lack of toilets on the £738m project that's irritating the would-be commuters of the near future. Read More >>

HS2 £22bn Over Budget and Will be at Least Five Years Late

The government has sneaked out some bad news regarding HS2 – or it might be good news depending on your opinion of the new train line – with today's transport secretary increasing the project's budget from £56bn to £88bn in today's equivalent money just like that; oh and also warning that it might be five years late. Read More >>

ScotRail Throws its Own Hire Bikes in Metaphorical Canal

The Bike & Go cycle hire scheme that saw a few knackered old red clunkers dumped outside Scottish rail stations is to close, with rail bosses saying hire numbers are down and the concept simply isn't paying for itself. Read More >>

UK Rail Line Electrified With Direct Solar Power

A small part of the national rail infrastructure near Aldershot is running on solar energy, provided not through grid arbitration and offsetting, but directly sourced from a trackside installation of panels that cut out the electricity grid entirely. It's the first step towards running trains on electricity generated specifically for the job. Read More >>

HS2 Could Yet be Cancelled as Government Launches Full Review

The government is about to embark on some serious pretending-to-listen, as it's launched a full inquiry into the plan for HS2 – even going so far as to ask whether the rail line should be built at all. Even though plenty of stuff's already been started so we'll look pretty silly if it's all binned off now. Read More >>

Model Railway Vandals Basically Get the Naughty Step For a Year

The perpetrators of one of the UK's worst rail tragedies (model) in recent years have had their day in court, with the judge doing little more than grassing the vandalous teens up to their parents and forcing them to attend some meetings to hear about how bad they have been and to make various promises about it not happening again. Read More >>

Mass Outrage Gets the UK Back in Interrail

The rail industry's exit from the Interrail scheme is off, as everyone involved realised it was a terrible idea and whatever spurious financial wins it was meant to bring to the UK rail franchise holders have been abandoned. The UK won't exit the trans-EU rail ticket scheme in 2020 after all. Read More >>

British Rail Companies Abandon Interrail From 2020

Interrail tickets will stop working across the UK from 1st January 2020, as the rail franchises of the nation have decided to end their participation in the decades-old trans-European ticketing system. Read More >>

Scotrail Says Free Train Station Toilets are Too Dangerous

Scotland's rail operator Scotrail won't be making some of its train station toilets free to use, thanks to British Transport Police warning that such a move may increase anti-social behaviour at several stations. Read More >>