The 26-30 Railcard Finally Goes on Sale at Noon Today

It seems like it's been a lifetime since the government tried to win some political points from the youth of today, by announcing a new railcard for people who are older than 25. Now, after trial runs, delays, and all sorts of other things, that railcard is finally going on sale today. For real this time. Read More >>

The 26-30 ‘Millennial Railcard’ Will Now Go on Sale on 2nd January

Late last month the Railcard people announced that the long-awaited 26-30 railcard would be going on general sale before the end of the year. In other words no trials, and no frantically trying to refresh the website to get yourself one before they all run out. The good news is that we now know the exact date it'll arrive, but the bad news is that it won't be the until 2nd January. Read More >>

The 26-30 Railcard Will Be Available Nationwide By The End of the Year

Earlier this year, National Rail released a limited run of a 'millennial' railcard, offering discounted off-peak travel to 26-30 year olds. What originally started as a trial for people who happened to live in the Greater Anglia area became national in March this year, but the catch was only 10,000 cards were available. Turns out they were quite popular, and clearly way more than 10,000 people would have wanted one. Read More >>

Can’t Get a Millennial Railcard? Don’t Worry, You Might Still be Able to Get Big Discounts on the Train

Today is the day that the new 'millennial railcard' goes on sale outside of East Anglia, for people within the 26-30 age bracket. Only 10,000 cards are available, and demand is so high that the website has crashed making it impossible for anyone to get there hands on one. Luckily that's not the only railcard out there. Read More >>

The 26-30 Railcard Website is Kind of Dead Right Now

Yesterday it was announced that the 26-30 'millennial' railcard was going on sale today, but in limited quantities on a first come first served basis. So naturally 20-somethings across the UK are scrambling to try and get one for themselves, because it's not clear when they'll be available again. Read More >>

A Limited Number of 26-30 ‘Millennial’ Railcards Go on Sale Tomorrow

Last year the government announced it would be launching a new 'millennial' rail card for people between the ages of 26 and 30 - netting them a third off rail fairs up and down the country. A trial version launched last December for people living in East Anglia, but now it's opening up to everyone within that age bracket. Read More >>

The 26-30 Railcard is Available Next Week, Provided You Have the Right Postcode

Last week in the budget the Chancellor announced that the 16-25 railcard was being extended, letting people aged 26-30 get a third off rail tickets nationwide. The card is set to be available nationwide next Spring, but a trial version is set to start next Wednesday, provided you have the right postcode. Read More >>

The 16-25 Railcard Age Limit Might be Getting an Increase

I no longer have a rail card. It's sad, but now I have to pay full price for all my tickets because I'm over the age of 25. There was hope with the announcement of a 'millenial' railcard a few weeks ago, but now that might not even need to happen. Word is that the the age limit on the regular 16-25 railcard might be getting increased. Read More >>