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These Japanese Ultra-Luxury Trains are Penthouses on Rails

The golden age of railways is steaming back into the modern era—in Japan at least. Since the island nation privatised its extensive rail network in the late 1980s, there has been an explosion of high-end designer trains all culminating in these gorgeous, luxurious rail cars from former Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama. Read More >>

How the Persian Gulf is Quietly Building a Railroad Empire

Over in the US, the arrival of a new tunnel boring machine is huge news, warranting naming ceremonies and Twitter accounts. Meanwhile, in Doha, officials have quietly signed a contract to buy fifteen boring machines to build a sprawling new underground rail system. And that's nothing compared to the massive transit network being built to connect the rest of the Gulf states. Read More >>

These Modified Cars Ferried Crews Along the Rails in Style

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the 140,695 miles of railroad covering America. The tracks have to be inspected regularly and, rather than send crews out in full-sized train cars, these modified automobiles often did the job. Read More >>