Miniature Railway Nationalised by Council

The Poole Park mini railway has been effectively nationalised by its local council, after a long-running dispute over improvement costs, a licence suspension and the odd minor derailment threatened to close it for good. Read More >>

Will Train Operators Finally be Forced Into Making Refunds More Simple?

We’ve all experienced train delays and cancellations but only 10 per cent of us claim compensation for it. Why? Because it’s a laborious task that takes up far too much time that could be better spent spending moon coins in Candy Crush Happy Joy Edition or whatever. Read More >>

Epping Heritage Railway Embraces Porn to Help Pay the Bills

The picturesque sidings of the Epping Ongar Railway were home to pumping and strained chuffing of quite different sorts recently, after railway managers approved the shooting of a porn film by genre king Brazzers in the station as a form of revenue diversification. Read More >>

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Commuters Push Train Off Trapped Man’s Leg

A silly Australian train traveller failed to mind the clearly advertised gap, getting his leg stuck between train and platform. Incredible, life-affirming scenes then unfolded, as most of the people on the platform heaved the train up on its suspension and away from the edge enough for him to escape. Read More >>

France Spent £11.8 Billion on Trains That Don’t Fit its Stations

France's national railway operator, SNCF, recently ordered 2,000 new trains at a cost of more than £11.8 billion. Now, it's found out that they're too big for many of the stations they're supposed to pass through. And this isn't the kind of order you can return. Read More >>

Fascinating Photos of the Early Railway Robbers

Getting your bag nicked on the 8.33 to Waterloo isn't a 21st Century phenomenon -- as long as there's been railways, there've been people waiting in the wings to take care of that unattended luggage for you. British Transport Police have recently released mugshots from the turn of the century of railway thieves, giving a unique insight into the criminals of the time. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Wins Two-Year West Coast Main Line Extension

The government's finally ready to start the UK's rail franchise system up again after making an almighty mess of the process last year, with the first decision being to grant Virgin Trains an extension on its West Coast main line route that'll see it continue to run the line until 2017. Read More >>

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Transect China in Half the Time Aboard the World’s Longest High-Speed Rail Line

True high speed rail may be a a pipe dream here in the UK, but for the People's Republic of China, it's a cornerstone of the country's transportation infrastructure. Yesterday, Chinese officials inaugurated the longest such rail line on Earth and announced plans for seven more. Read More >>