Scientists Think They Know Why the Caspian Sea is Shrinking

The Caspian Sea is about as strange as a body of water gets. Its surface still sits 27.5 meters (90 feet) below sea level, and water doesn’t flow out of it—it’s isolated from the oceans, and relies on a series of Asian rivers to maintain its levels. Read More >>

Here’s Why It Smells So Nice After It Rains

Ah, that fresh smell just after it rains. It brings a sense of calm to the world. But did you know that it could kill you? That’s right, rain launches (mostly harmless) bacteria into the air and in rare cases it can spread disease. Scientists didn’t fully understand how the process works until now. Read More >>

Dramatic Satellite Photo Shows an ‘Atmospheric River’ Drenching California

The Pineapple Express has been wreaking havoc across much of California over the past few months, delivering unusually high amounts of rain and threatening the state with floods and landslides. A dramatic new satellite image shows this “atmospheric river” as it extends from Hawaii to the US West Coast. Read More >>

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Drone Footage of a Draining Dam Looks Like Flying Into a Black Hole

To prevent massive dams from overflowing when heavy rains cause water levels to rise, spillways like this are used to drain water to the stream below. Without a true sense of scale, it looks just like the drain in your bath, but from a drone’s bird’s eye view, the opening to this spillway looks more like a black hole sucking everything in. Read More >>

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The Pitter-Patter of Rain Sure Looks Nice in This Video

I like rain. I mean, I don’t like it when I get dumped on with cloud piss to the point where my socks will never be dry again and my soul has darkened, but I like it when I’m inside and warm, when I can hear the pitter-patter and put it in the background — when I can see it and not feel it at all. This video of rain by Laviniu Lazar reminds me of that kind of rain. The calming, cleansing, great to sleep in rain. Read More >>

Look At This Huge Floating Raft Made Out of Ants

How many thousands of ants do you think are in this floating ant raft? I mean the size of it is just ridiculous, and there are more ants clumped up in balls on top of the raft as well. Ants have been known to link their legs and mouths to create these sorts of rafts during flooding but this one is more like the size of an ant island. Apparently, they can survive for weeks just holding each other like this. Read More >>

Why the Hell Is This Manhole Cover Levitating?

A huge storm drenched Phoenix and flooded the streets earlier this week. That’s already bizarre, and is the kind of storm you get once a century in the desert. But the weirdest thing is this floating manhole cover. The 150-pound metal plate kind of looks like it’s dancing. Or at least, it’s bouncing around the street in an attempt to levitate. Read More >>

The Met Office Wants You to Count Raindrops to Enhance Forecasts

Despite having a really nice computer that can calculate what rude objects clouds might look like 100 years from now, that's not enough for the Met Office. It's hoping to use the data of the crowd to make predictions more accurate and take into account more of the hyperlocal regional variations we see around the country. Read More >>

Climate Change Directly Affected the Flooding in Paris

Last week’s flooding in France saw rivers reach their highest levels in 50 years, forcing the Louvre to move its art away from rising waters. After the floods caused 18 deaths and nearly one billion Euros in damage, French President Francois Hollande made a statement urging his country to take stronger action against climate change. Now a group of researchers have scientific evidence to back up Hollande’s plea, and have issued a report stating that human-caused climate change played an “important role” in France’s historic deluge. Read More >>

The Louvre is Moving Art Due to Historic Flooding in Paris

Over the last few days heavy flooding across France, Austria, and Germany has resulted in some scary photos, including surreal images of the Seine spilling over its banks in Paris. The river is getting a little too close for comfort for the Louvre, which is relocating some of its art. Read More >>

How Extreme is the Weather on Other Planets in the Universe?

Storms that go on for 400 years. Falling molten glass rain. Temperatures jumping from 500 degrees Celsius to 1200 degrees Celsius in just 6 hours. The weather in our universe is crazy. Read More >>

No, the UAE Should Not Build a Rain-Making Mountain to Fix its Water Problems

It sounds like the plot of a summer blockbuster, but the United Arab Emirates is apparently quite serious about building a mountain to increase rainfall in the region. Would it work? Probably. But instead of launching an infrastructure project where a very rich country attempts to dig its way out of a drought, the UAE needs to get serious about conserving its water. Read More >>

Gales, Rain and Flooding to hit the UK, With Thousands of Umbrellas Set to Die

The weather in northern England and the south-east of Scotland is set to be even worse than usual this week, with forecasters warning of strong winds and heavy rain over Monday and Tuesday. Wind speeds could hit the 70mph mark in places, as areas of low pressure move across the country, and motorists have been warned to take extra care. Read More >>

The Way That Mushrooms Bring the Rain Will Astound You

In forests across the world, Earth’s decomposers are helping seed clouds and promote rainstorms. Read More >>

Watch a Week of Rain and Snow Across the World

The Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory has been up and running for a little over a year now, and the joint NASA-Japan mission is starting to yield some amazing results. Read More >>