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Totally Silly Animation Brings Random Objects to Life By Drawing Cute Faces on Them

Here’s a dopey animation from Sean Charmatz that imagines a world where every random object has a cute face. That means soup dumplings cling on to the paper when they get picked up, marshmallows enjoy a satisfying dip in hot chocolate, a glass pane closes its eye while getting washed, a Post-It note gets accidentally split apart, and so on. It’s like Sausage Party with cruder animations but less crude jokes. Read More >>

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Playing Table Tennis with Random Objects Is Seriously Goofy

Sure, some random objects like a frying pan and a shovel make some sort of sense to use as a table tennis bat replacement. But an iron? A kitchen knife? A wooden spoon? A rolling pin? Read More >>

Two Laptops Locked In An Endless Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle

Playing rock-paper-scissors is actually a pretty sophisticated intellectual challenge. You might choose your move based on a personal preference or whim, but you're probably also thinking about what your opponent is going to pick. Sometimes you can just feel your brother leaning paper, or your best friend thinking that you're thinking scissors, and therefore planning to play rock. It's an art form. Read More >>

Here’s a Weirdo Facebook Bug to Waste Your Friday With

There's a strange bug on Facebook where if you post @[xxx:0] in a comment (with the XXX being three random numbers), when you hit enter a random name will appear. For example: @[345:0] = Karina Scalise. Weeeeiiiiirrrrrd! Read More >>