We Just Drove the Range Rover Evoque Without Looking Through the Windscreen

It seems bonkers to have a hugely popular car like the Range Rover Evoque – global sales at over 785,000 to date – equipped with so much underused off-road capability. In most cases it rarely sees a muddy verge, which is also the case for most other SUVs on our roads. Read More >>

Lorry Driver Uses Bridge to Slice Roofs Off Range Rovers

A lorry driver has had a worse and sadder day than is usual even for lorry drivers, after managing to not notice that a bridge in Perth was substantially lower than the top of his load. Read More >>

Land Rover Brings Back the Original Range Rover

Land Rover's realised that all we really want is its classic old things back so we can pretend it's still 1987 and dad can fix everything, hence this glorious yellow monster -- a fully refurbished original Range Rover rebuilt by Land Rover staff using parts found across Europe. Read More >>

The New Range Rover Was Driven Through the Crossrail Tunnel, for Reasons

We've heard plenty about London's Crossrail tunnel over the past few years, things like how it's going to trim 15 minutes off travelling into London, and how its Europe's biggest infrastructure project yet. Parts of the tunnel are nearly complete, so Land Rover decided it would be a good idea to drive the new Range Rover through them. Naturally. Read More >>

Heads Up, Oligarchs of the World: There’s a New Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover is undoubtedly the Chelsiest of the Chelsea tractors, but that hasn’t stopped Land Rover from releasing a new one, complete with an awesomely overpowered engine and a lighter design, so as not to crush the plebs when you drive over them. Read More >>

Bond Films Earn More When James Drives British

The formula for success when it comes to make Bond films has been uncovered. Stick him in something British and don't let him anywhere near a Renault 11. Read More >>

Large Hadron Collider Finally Pays Off: Discovers New Range Rover

The Higgs Boson still hasn't made an appearance, but in an even more stunning discovery apparently the Large Hadron Collider has been responsible for creating the new 2012 Range Rover Sport. That's £6 billion well spent right there. Read More >>