Nature, as Ranked by Google Users

When it comes to informed consumption, online user reviews can be pretty damn meaningless. Amazon products are chock full of paid approbations. Movies, TV, and games—god forbid they become a source of controversy—have had their crowdsourced ratings intentionally tanked by the sore and sour. Unless you’re trying to figure out whether that suspiciously cheap gadget will catch fire (it will), it’s a mug’s game. Read More >>

Who on Earth Taught You People How to Eat?

Depending on where you’re eating and who you’re eating it with, the rules around food can be stunningly complex. The core concept, however, is that food is inserted into the mouth, and once it’s there, if you find it impossible to masticate with human teeth or discover the object to be a source of pain/bleeding, an error in judgement has been made. Spit it out and try a new approach. Not food. Read More >>