Alien Only Ever Needed One Sequel

No one argues that Alien and Aliens are the best films in the Alien franchise. It’s an objective, undisputed fact. After that, though, nothing is certain—is Alien 3 a good movie? How bad is Resurrection? Do the Alien vs. Predator movies count? Did you like Prometheus? The debates go on and on. Read More >>

Stop Whinging: You Don’t Even Need Sugar in Your Coke

A couple of days ago we found out that the government is going to start taxing sugary drinks. Naturally there have been a number of people outraged by this development. How dare the government try and make them pay more for their sugar-filled cans of Coke?! Well here I am to tell you a bit of difficult news. You don't need to have sugar in your Coke at all, so you can easily get past the whole problem. Read More >>

It’s Time For Tower Bridge To Close – For Good

The Thames is is the central spine of our capital city. The river is the reason that London exists at all, and its iconic meanders are seared into our brains thanks to a combination of the Eastenders credits, the original London 2012 logo and the default view in Google Maps. Read More >>

Why You Should Always Walk on Escalators

On Tuesday, The New York Times decided to reignite the age old debate of walking versus standing on escalators. And do you know what the paper concluded? “You shouldn’t walk on escalators.” This is a patently incorrect and essentially silly conclusion for at least four reasons. Read More >>

‘It’s For the Fans’ Isn’t a Defense, Iron Fist’s Finn Jones, It’s an Insult

Over the past couple of years, there’s a phrase that’s accompanied several poorly reviewed comic book films or TV shows: “It’s not for the critics, it’s for the fans.” Iron Fist’s Finn Jones is the latest star to use this as a defence of his Marvel show. This group of words has become a crutch to deflect attention from a bad Rotten Tomatoes score, and fans deserve better. Read More >>

I Can’t be The Only Person That Doesn’t Give a Toss About the Internet of Things

This year's Mobile World Congress is drawing to a close, and there are a few obvious themes that have emerged over the past few days. Smartphone makers are going nuts for camera improvements, and the big companies are doing their best to hype up the future of 5G and the all the wonderful things it can do for the internet of things (IoT). Read More >>

mwc 2017
MWC17: The Only Place on Earth Where Hillary Won

There’s a scene in The Matrix when Keanu Reeves’s Neo first re-enters the world that he used to know. After learning the horrifying truth about his reality, he plugs back in. Everything is the same - but everything is different too. Read More >>

Infuriating Guardian Writer Slags Off Technology While Writing on the Guardian Website

“Oh technology is awful, isn’t it? How terrible that we live our lives under the jackboot of the Enlightenment, with all of its individual rights and medicines which actually work”, so says Mark Boyle in the Guardian today. I’m paraphrasing, slightly. Read More >>

star trek
A Look Back at Star Trek: Nemesis, the Film That Killed a Franchise

This year happens to be the same year as that Star Trek: Nemesis’s 15th anniversary. So I decided to rewatch it to see if my memory of this film as a complete disaster was true. Read More >>

Smartwatches Are Dying Because They Are Worthless

Back in April, I dropped £200 on a gadget that had me feeling that gadget love again. You’re familiar with the feeling too; the thrill you get walking into a  shop or thumbing through a catalogue. It’s that sense that you’re seeing a small glimpse of the future neatly packaged and commoditised for the present. Read More >>

the grand tour
The Grand Tour is Broken, and Needs a BBC Executive to Fix It

We're now four episodes into The Grand Tour, and despite the massive budgets and great expectations... it appears to be skidding off the tracks. Read More >>

The Snowden Movie Illustrates Why I’m So Pessimistic About The Future

Last night the cybersecurity firm F-Secure hosted a screening of Oliver Stone’s latest film, Snowden - a dramatisation of how the eponymous hero went from working deep inside the American Intelligence apparatus, to becoming an internationally famous whistleblower who has been lionised and demonised in equal measure. Essentially, F-Secure probably couldn’t have asked for a better sales pitch. Read More >>

the grand tour
Fact-Checking Jeremy Clarkson’s Stupid Opinions in Episode 3 of The Grand Tour

Three episodes into The Grand Tour, and Jeremy Clarkson has finally gone full Jeremy Clarkson. The first couple of episodes might have featured the odd 'jokes' about gypsies or other nationalities, but it was this week's show that reminded us why we have a hate/hate relationship with Clarkson. Read More >>

Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut Is the Movie 2016 Deserves

Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut is the cinematic equivalent of a train wreck. Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut is the physical equivalent of a train wreck. Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut is 2016 in movie form. Read More >>

the grand tour
The Grand Tour Episode 2 is Terrible: Clarkson, May and Hammond Challenge Our Incredulity in Jordan

I always had a hate/hate relationship with Top Gear. I hated the presenters: I hated how they would seemingly cast doubt on the reality of climate change, how they would undermine the necessary transition to electric cars, and how they would position themselves as heroes of Daily Mail readers -- by appealing to their sense that there's something wrong with political correctness. Read More >>