I’m Sick of Big Flashy Phone Launches

These days it seems as though the big phone companies have to have a big, grandiose product launch for their newest range of expensive phones. Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, and the rest. They all rent out a big stage somewhere, cart in a bunch of audience members, and show off on stage while a small handful of people over-enthusiastically whoop at the mere mention of mundane shit. And frankly I'm sick of it. Read More >>

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is Ruining Storytelling

Indulge me, if you would, on a brief trip through time back to May 2nd 2008 – a simpler time in many ways. You’re some human or another, sitting down in your local cinema-house to watch a little thing called Iron Man. No one really expects a huge amount. It’s one of Marvel’s lesser loved comic-book properties, starring a washed-up actor still clawing his way back from the Hollywood wilderness after a series of drug-related arrests, directed by a guy most famous for being one of Monica’s ex-boyfriends in Friends. And then, what do you know, it ends up being pretty good. So good, in fact, that you sit around in the theatre afterwards chatting to your chums about how good it was, like that scene where they used AC/DC for a minute. Then, right at the arse end of the credits – BOOM, there’s Samuel L Jackson with a fleeting reference to the Avengers. Read More >>

Confusion Over Tinder’s ‘Height Verification’ April Fool’s Joke is Part of a Larger Problem

Unless you haven't checked the calendar the past few days, you'll know that today is 1st April - better known as April Fool's Day. It's that day when companies all over the world do their best to come up with fake products and features in the bizarre hope that people will think they're real. It's basically the one day of the year when it's okay to try and spread fake news. Except this year the antics haven't been quite as contained as they should have been. Read More >>

The Pixel 3 Is Proof That Google Doesn’t Care About Hardware

After a rocky start with the Pixel 1 (which remains one of the ugliest phones made this decade), a big—but still not fully realised—improvement on the Pixel 2, the Pixel 3 came out and finally made good on Google’s homegrown phone initiative. And unlike phones from Samsung or Huawei, the Pixel 3 achieved this not by hitting users over the head with tons of cameras or far-out hardware; it did it in the most Google way possible: With nifty software, intuitive design, and AI-powered smarts. Read More >>

The Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Need YouTube, or Any Other Streaming App

This article was published in its original form back in June, and has been updated to reflect YouTube's recent launch on the Switch. Read More >>

It’s Time to Admit Humans Can’t Be Trusted With Fireworks

Imagine for a second that fireworks aren't a thing. Read More >>

The Internet Is a Big, Nasty Potato Salad We Can’t Get Enough Of

On a picnic table before you sits an enormous bowl of potato salad. You have a bite, which tastes okay, and almost immediately start feeling ill. You, however, love potato salad. So you have another bite, which makes you feel even worse, and then another, and then another. Somewhere, deep down, you know this is madness. “Why am I doing this?” you ask, shovelling another vile dollop into your quivering maw. “I feel like I’m gonna hurl.” Read More >>

The Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Need Netflix, or Any Other Streaming App

Earlier this afternoon (about an hour or two ago), Nintendo had their annual E3 showcase telling us lots of news about the things it's up to. It was expected that this news would include an announcement that Netflix and YouTube apps are coming to the Switch, thanks to a 'leak' from Best Buy, though Nintendo gave it no mention. They wouldn't the first streaming apps to come to the console (that honour goes to Hulu) but they are the most high profile, and ever since the rumours started spreading it's had me thinking about how it's completely unnecessary. The Switch does not need to try and validate itself by supporting streaming apps. Read More >>

star wars
The Boba Fett Movie Shouldn’t Star Boba Fett

Plans for a Boba Fett film have been in the works for a long time — Lucasfilm almost officially announced one, to be helmed by the Fantastic Four reboot’s Josh Trank, in 2015. But plans have changed, and with the recent reports that Logan director James Mangold has boarded the project, Fett’s back in business. But... should he be? Read More >>

Someone Convince Me That an iPhone Wallet Case Isn’t the Dumbest Idea in the World

Wallet phone cases have always seemed like a total absurdity to me. Am I wrong? Read More >>

Stop Whinging: You Don’t Even Need Sugar in Your Coke

Last year, we learned that the government was going to start taxing sugary drinks. After a year of outrage and grumblings, the tax has finally landed, being effective from today.  How dare the government try and make them pay more for their sugar-filled cans of Coke?! Well here I am to tell you a bit of difficult news. You don't need to have sugar in your Coke at all, so you can easily get past the whole problem. Read More >>

Pinterest Should Die

I hate Pinterest. It’s a kind of loathing. Not the fiery wrath I feel towards injustice, or the cool hatred towards people who liked The Last Jedi and tell me I “just don’t get complex storytelling.” No, this is sort of loathing that feels like general full body ache. Like when you’re about to throw up or first got your period in school. It starts in the toes and goes straight up to the roots of my teeth. Whenever I google something and I see Pinterest in the search results that wave of dull loathing washes over me. Pinterest is the most useless form of social media available—remarkable when you consider Twitter exists. It is not informative. It does not gather people together. It is just a monster lurking in your search results, its rosy hued maw preparing to gorge itself on your clicks. Because you will never find what you seek on Pinterest. Read More >>

Bullshit Article About Automation Promises Life of Leisure

Technology experts have been insisting for over a century that when the robot revolution finally succeeds, everyone will have a life of abundant wealth and leisure. That hasn’t been the case. But it hasn’t stopped plenty of people from still insisting that it will happen, even here in the year 2017. Read More >>