Bitcoin Cash Has Its Own Rap Song Now, and We’re All the Poorer for It

The upstart virtual currency associated with Infowars guest Roger Ver now has an anthem, and it seems we have Canada to thank for it. After Japan’s foray into blockchain-inspired music with a cryptocurrency-themed pop idol group, it was only a matter of time Read More >>

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The Hoverboards Have Won 

Missy Elliott has a new video for her excellent comeback single “WTF (Where They From).” In it, she rides around on an auto-balancing skateboard. Read More >>

Which Rappers Talk About Cars The Most?

Forget mapping the human genome or landing a man on the moon: finally science has done something useful. In an incredible new post on Medium, an author called "MC Big Data" has performed a systematic analysis of rap lyrics to work out which cars rappers talk about the most. Read More >>

Witness the Shitness of Samsung’s Disastrous Corporate Rap

Samsung's the latest company to go completely insane and release a corporate song, employing a Jay Z sound-alike to record a breathless rap ode to the company's peerless employment practises. Read More >>

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Watch the Seattle Symphony Perform Baby Got Back with Sir Mix-a-Lot

So this is awkward. Last Friday, the Seattle Symphony teamed up with Sir Mix-a-Lot to perform his number one hit Baby Got Back. It's not so much the idea of rapping over an orchestra that's awkward, though. It's the dancing. Read More >>

Michael Gove Mentally Scars Some Innocent School Children With Rap Attempt

Michael Gove, the actual Micheal Gove off the telly and out of the government, has done a little bit of rapping. Admitting to being a fan of the genre, Gove claims the first rap he heard was in mainstream 1982 pop atrocity Wham Rap, a track he then went on to repeat a little of for the amusement of some children. Read More >>

Charting the Popularity of Tech Through Hip-Hop Lyrics

Rap music is usually a pretty good marker of what's trendy—or what's going to be trendy in a few months. Maybe people were bragging about Sidekicks in the early aughts, but when did that drop off? RapGenius's new RapStats feature shows you. Read More >>

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Hip-Hop From the Future: Inside Deltron’s First New Record Since 2000

In May of 2000 three legends of hip-hop formed a supergroup and created something nobody saw coming: a futuristic, sci-fi rap album. When Deltron 3030 was first released, it didn't fit in with the gangster rap that was dominating the charts—and over the years it developed an almost fanatical cult following. The long awaited sequel—officially released today—is likely to do the same. Read More >>

The Best Tech References in Rap: From Android to Zuckerberg

Rappers have had a love affair with technology that started long before Biggie Smalls was name-checking Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. And their rhymes cover everything from the CEOs to mobile platforms. Here, we present you with the best tech references in rap: Read More >>

Samsung Bankrolling Jay Z With One Million Free Albums for Galaxy Users

Samsung and rapper Jay Z have struck one of the least likely marketing synergies we've seen of late, with the tech giant announcing a deal to give away one million copies of his upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail to owners of the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II. The album's set to launch on July 4th, but Galaxy can users get it via an exclusive app on June 24th. Samsung allegedly paid $5 a piece for the copies. [YouTube via WSJ] Read More >>

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Watch a Microsoft Exec Hilariously Rap with a Rapper About F*cking Two B*tches

Microsoft exec Michael Angiulo had a pretty good day today: Microsoft Surface, an awesome product he helped make and introduce, opened up for pre-orders and this beyond awesome rap he did with rapper Too Short for his 40th birthday came out to the public. This guy is my new favourite technology executive. Read More >>

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No, Microsoft, Rapping About Cloud Computing Doesn’t Make It Any Cooler

Words cannot describe how wrong this is; I'm amazed anyone can blend PHP, Windows, and cloud into anything other than a geek's nightmare, but here it is. Watch and be amazed. Read More >>

Watch the Inbox: How One Guy Made Email Contact with Jay Z

David Johnson has Jay Z's email address. Probably. He has carried on a one-sided conversation for years, sending emails to an address he believes to be Jay Z's. With a service called ReadNotify, Johnson has confirmed that the emails have not only been read, but opened in locations that directly correlate with Jay's travel plans. Read More >>

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White Girls Rapping about Windows Phone 7 Is Worse than Your Parents Having Sex

This morning I watched a video compilation of botflies—parasitic, skin-burrowing larvae—being pulled out of bleeding human flesh. Compared to this "Windows Phone 7 Fangirls Video," the botfly footage is like butter and sugar. This internet deserves destruction. Now. Read More >>

Today’s Greatest Rap Producer Uses a Compaq Laptop and a Magazine Mousepad

Above, if you can see through all the weed smoke, you get a scene that's something like the aftermath of a bad LAN party—clutter, shitty laptops, and monitors everywhere. But music's being made in this budget-tech dungeon. Read More >>