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Bored of the Bulky Raspberry Pi 3? Well Now There’s a Slimmer Version. Sort Of

Every tech company out there is hell bent on making thin gadgets, whether they're phones, tablets, consoles, or whatever. With the Raspberry Pi Zero not offering as much as its big brother,the Pi 3, one hacker, known as N O D E, took it upon himself to fix the issue. So he slimmed down the Pi 3 to produce the Raspberry Pi 3 Slim. Read More >>

Strap Yourself in for the Wearable Future of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi 3 launched this morning, adding a 64-bit processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 to an already beloved blend. What’s more, it only costs £30. I spoke to Claire Doyle, the global head of Raspberry Pi and element14, and Richard Curtin, element14’s director of strategic alliances, to learn about where the Pi came from, and where it could be going. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi 3 Launches With 64-Bit Processor and Built in Wi-Fi

Did you discover some pocket change down the back of the sofa this weekend? If it was the kind that folds, that was fortuitously timed – you may well have enough to pick yourself up one of the brand-new Raspberry Pi 3 computers. Read More >>