The £34 Raspberry Pi Desktop Computer Now Comes With Twice as Much RAM

In June of last year the world was introduced to the Raspberry Pi 4: a tiny computer with an even smaller price tag that could run a full desktop operating system making it useful for more than just hacks and homebrew projects. To celebrate the Pi’s eighth birthday it just became an even better bargain with the base version getting an upgrade to 2GB of RAM for free. Read More >>

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Surprise! The New Raspberry Pi Zero W Launches Today

Today is Raspberry Pi's fifth birthday, and instead of buying themselves a big cake, the Raspberry Pi Foundation's decided to give us a present instead: the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Read More >>

Slap a Camera Onto Your Raspberry Pi and Turn It Into the Ultimate DIY Spy Cam

When the Raspberry Pi was first released, and the board spec was shown off, there were a couple of interesting non-working expansion slots that sent our imaginations wild. Now it seems there's a snazzy new camera module on its way to take up one of those slots and turn the Pi into the ultimate low cost spy gadget. Read More >>