raspberry pi
Surprise! The New Raspberry Pi Zero W Launches Today

Today is Raspberry Pi's fifth birthday, and instead of buying themselves a big cake, the Raspberry Pi Foundation's decided to give us a present instead: the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Read More >>

How Can You Not Love This Adorable Little Arcade Machine?

It’s practical? No. Functional? Hardly. Do I want one? Yes, yes I do. Read More >>

Watch Dude Hand Carve a Very, Very, Very Small, Working Super Nintendo

Sure, YouTuber Hugo Doris could have 3D-printed some slick shell for his super-mini Super Nintendo, but when you’re making a one of a kind object, why not craft it by hand? Read More >>

raspberry pi
A Glorious Madman’s Created a Raspberry Pi Zero Chainsaw That Runs Doom

Web designer and gore-lover George Merlocco has built the Painsaw, a machine that wouldn’t look out of place in the most chilling of mod-themed horror movies. Funnily enough, it’s made primarily from three items you could to find in a child’s bedroom: a Raspberry Pi Zero, an Echo Junior Chainsaw toy and, of course, Doom. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Zero is a £4 PC Magazine Freebie

Raspberry Pi kicked off a mini coding revolution with its affordable programmable computers, but today it's driving down the price of entry even lower – perhaps as low as they can possibly go. It's introducing a new micro computer, the Pi Zero, and it costs little more than a cup of coffee. Read More >>