Lego Macintosh Is a Miniature Classic That Actually Kind of Works

There’s something about combining Lego and old Macintosh computers that is just irresistible for hobbyists. The latest edition to the canon is a cute little version of the Macintosh Classic from 1990 that uses a Raspberry Pi and an e-ink display to make it partially function. Best of all, you can have one on your desk because its creator has detailed how he built it. Read More >>

Zelda Fanatic Controls His Damn House With an Ocarina

OK, you think you like the Legend of Zelda? You don’t. Not compared to this guy. His entire goddamn house is ocarina-operated now, and if he forgets to bring a plastic toy instrument with him he’s probably locked out. So suck on that, I guess. Read More >>

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This £127 Console Gave Me Every Nintendo Game I’ve Ever Owned in 4K

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed with retro video games. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited about the NES Classic Edition; it’s also why I spent my Thanksgiving documenting how to put together a Raspberry Pi-based mini SNES instead of brining turkeys. But building an emulation console from scratch takes time, and I’ve was curious if there was a more streamlined, turnkey solution. That’s when I happened across a Kickstarter for the Allcade 64-bit, a Raspberry Pi 3-based system in a housing that looked just like a classic Nintendo 64 cartridge. It promises all the cool hackery Pi-vibe with none of the command line or soldering. Read More >>

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Surprise! The New Raspberry Pi Zero W Launches Today

Today is Raspberry Pi's fifth birthday, and instead of buying themselves a big cake, the Raspberry Pi Foundation's decided to give us a present instead: the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Read More >>

12 Ways to Build Your Own Retro Game Machine

With some 30 years of video gaming history now behind us, there’s never been a greater choice of retro games to dig back into, whether it’s on your smartphone or a classic console rebooted for modern times. For the more serious seekers of gaming nostalgia, there are plenty of hands-on projects you can attempt yourself, and these are some of the best we’ve found. So prep your wallet, brush up on your coding and handyman skills, and get ready to build. Read More >>

ASUS Launches ‘Tinker Board’, Its Raspberry Pi Competitor With 4K Support

It doesn't matter if you want a computer the size of a card, a thumb drive or dice box — there's a manufacturer out there that has you covered. You can now count ASUS in that mix, with the launch of its "Tinker Board", a Cortex-powered mini-machine aimed at the Raspberry Pi crowd. Read More >>

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How To Save an Old Laptop By Installing This Free OS

The new and improved default OS for the Raspberry Pi isn’t just for hobbyist computer boards any longer. Thanks to an experimental version of the Linux-based software for PCs and Macs, you can use it to reinvigorate an old laptop and get a few more years out of an ageing machine. Read More >>

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How to Build Your Own Mini SNES

The NES Classic Edition is almost perfect—short controller cords not withstanding—and if you can buy one, it’s one of our favourite Christmas gifts, especially if you don’t want to leave the house. But it only plays NES games, and 30 games at that. Plenty of people—us included—would love a tiny system to play our favourite Super Nintendo games. Or Genesis games. Read More >>

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The Best Raspberry Pi Accessories for your DIY Computer

Earlier this week we were introduced to the Raspberry Pi 3. With some fancier hardware and faster speeds,  it's already set to power all of your mini computer projects. Whether it's a mobile games console, custom Kodi box, a makeshift mobile phone, or even a one-button Chromecast remote. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Dev Builds NES Classic Using Retro Emulation

The NES Classic Edition has become something of a Christmas must-have, as a generation of ageing gamers want to show their kids how much more enjoyable and inventive the games of old were, before they all became about realistic footballers and squad-based wars with anonymous online racists. Read More >>

Your Password’s No Match for This Raspberry Pi Zero Creation

A dastardly developer by the name of Samy Kamkar has built the Poison Tap, a Raspberry Pi Zero creation that’s capable of breaking into a password-protected computer -- even when the screen’s locked -- as long as an internet browser is running in the background. Read More >>

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This Wiimote-Controlled Raspberry Pi Electric Skateboard Can Hit 30km/h

A Cambridge kid who I’m absolutely not even slightly in awe of has created his own Raspberry Pi-powered electric skateboard, which has a range of over 10km and is capable of hitting speeds of 30km/h -- that’s around 19mph. Read More >>

UK Raspberry Pi Startup Turns into Million-Dollar Player

A little UK-based team building things around the Raspberry Pi system has suddenly found itself swimming in money, thanks to winning a nice funding wedge of  £3.5 million to... carry on doing what it's doing. Read More >>

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Raspberry Pi

The hard-working developers behind Raspbian OS, the custom-made Linux distro tweaked for the Pi, have announced a major update called Pixel (short for Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight, if you’re wondering). It’s now the default OS offered for download by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and here’s why you should give it a try. Read More >>

Here’s a Pretty Legit Gibsonian Cyberdeck

Back in the mid-80's, the “cyberdeck”—the neural-connected, on-the-go interface from William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy—captured the imagination of every cyberpunk fan. IMGUR user D10D3 has uploaded pics of one of the slickest attempts at a real Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7 I’ve seen. Read More >>