The Most Innovative Gadgets of the Decade

This decade we saw the smartphone move from overpriced gadget to something more necessary than a laptop or desktop. We saw the e-reader settle on a design so perfect it’s barely changed in seven years. We saw games systems that made us rethink how we game and laptops that made us rethink what a good laptop should look like. There were incredible wearables, and remarkable VR systems, and drones so well designed practically anyone can fly them. Below are the most innovative gadgets of the decade – the ones that will continue to matter long after the devices themselves become obsolete. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Surrey-Based Company sends Raspberry Pi into Space to Take Pretty Pictures of Earth

The Raspberry Pi is a hugely versatile single board computer that can breathe live into a massive variety of tech projects, including gaming consoles, claw machines, desktop PCs, and robots, as well as providing an easy way to show kids how to code. Basically, it's a bloody great bit of kit. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Raspberry Pi 4 USB-C Port Was Designed Like Shit so Deal With It Until a Revised Board Comes Out

The newly announced Raspberry Pi 4 is the first to sport a USB-C port for charging, and it turns out that it's completely buggered it up. Read More >>

Hacker Used Raspberry Pi to Steal Sensitive NASA Docs

Turns out a tiny Raspberry Pi was at the source of a big headache for NASA. An audit released by the NASA Office of Inspector General on 18 June reveals that an early 2018 cyberattack utilising one of these mini-computers resulted in a hacker making off with restricted documents. Read More >>

raspberry pi
The Raspberry Pi 4 Can Replace Your Desktop PC for Just £50

Raspberry Pi is launching its "most powerful" iteration of its teeny tiny PC, which is kind of expected given it's a new product and rolling out a shittier one isn't going to be exciting news for anyone. Read More >>

Adafruit Just Made It Really Easy to Build Your Own GameBoy

There have been countless Raspberry Pi builds over the years that have sought to cram the little boards into a handheld device. Yet nearly every single one required not just a basic grasp of coding, but also an understanding of soldering and sometimes a touch of electrical engineering. Adafruit’s new PyGamer looks like a perfect alternative for people who want a handheld system they built on their own. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Raspberry Pi Now Has an Official Keyboard and Mouse

The Raspberry Pi is a fascinatingly useful piece of kit, and while it can be used to power a great many thing it's still a computer at it's core. And computers always perform better when you have a keyboard and mouse to go along with them. In the past Raspberry Pi users have had to make do with third party peripherals, but no longer. Now you can buy an official keyboard and mouse to show off your brand loyalty. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Raspberry Pi’s First Physical Shop Is Now Open

Among all the Sports Direct buyouts and store closures, it's refreshing to hear of a brand opening a high street shop for the first time. Tiny computer specialists Raspberry Pi have done just that today, with their first retail shop in the Grand Arcade, Cambridge. Read More >>

watch this
There’s a Fully Working Computer, Including a Retractable Keyboard, Hidden Inside This Mouse

Some hardware hacks only exist as a way to prove they’re actually possible. Such is the case with this ‘Computer Mouse’ that was designed, 3D-printed, and assembled by YouTube’s Electronic Grenade. It’s a fully working portable computer that’s smaller than even the thinnest laptops, but at the same time infinitely less convenient to use. Read More >>

raspberry pi
This Raspberry Pi Case Has A Tiny Touchscreen

The mini marvel that is the Raspberry Pi continues acquiring new possibilities with the news that there's now a tiny touchscreen case available for it. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Meet the New Low-Power, Low Price Raspberry Pi A+

It's been a while since we had some news from Raspberry Pi, which is a shame because everyone loves a slice of those mini computer boards. But the silence has now been broken with the announcement that the company has a new Pi board to share with us. It's called the Raspberry Pi A+, and it's designed to be all sort of low. Specifically low price, and low power. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Raspberry Pi Unveils an Upgraded Pi 3 Board for Pi Day

Today is the 14th March, which translates into 3/14 if you're one of the minority of people that write down dates in the least sensible manner possible. That makes it Pi Day, and because it's Pi Day the Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced an upgraded version of the Model 3 board. Even if they're based in the UK, and should really be writing the date as 14/3. Read More >>

Why Buy A Nintendo Switch When You Can Make Your Own With A Raspberry Pi?

First answer: it's easier to buy one. And that's cool. But there are people who, given a Raspberry Pi, a 3D printer and a stick of chewing gum, are going to build their own facsimile running emulation software so they can play whatever they like. Christopher Foote is one such person. The fruits of his labour: the "PiSwitch". Read More >>

raspberry pi
PiTunnel App Gives You Secure Remote Access to Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pis are great for lots of things, but generally they're used for local stuff. A media player, a home-made tablet, robots, and all sorts of other stuff that requires you to be there using it. The PiTunnel app lets you access your Pi remotely, without compromising on security. Read More >>