Rodents With Part-Human Brains Pose a New Challenge for Bioethics

Rapid progress in research involving miniature human brains grown in a dish has led to a host of ethical concerns, particularly when these human brain cells are transplanted into nonhuman animals. A new paper evaluates the potential risks of creating “humanised” animals, while providing a pathway for scientists to move forward in this important area. Read More >>

Why Does Coffee Make Us Poo? Scientists Gave Coffee to Rats to Find Out

A good chunk of regular coffee drinkers know that coffee isn’t just great at getting them awake in the morning – it also makes them get up and need a poo. But while coffee’s laxative powers are well-known, it’s not clear why exactly this happens. To get to the bottom of this mystery, some scientists decided to do exactly what you’d expect scientists to: giving lab rats some coffee. Read More >>

Kickstarter to Remove That Rat From the End of The Departed Whacked By DMCA Takedown

Kickstarter has exterminated a campaign to exterminate the infamous rat from the end of The Departed after Warner Bros. filed a DMCA copyright takedown request, the Verge reported on Monday. Read More >>

Second Case of Rat Hepatitis in a Human Reported in Hong Kong

A 70-year-old Hong Kong woman has contracted the rat-specific version of Hepatitis E, signifying only the second time the disease has been documented in humans. Health officials in China are now scrambling to understand the implications of this disturbing new development. Read More >>

What Scientists Can Learn From New York City’s Freakiest Residents

In a way, cities are giant science labs, providing an environment for organisms that’s unlike anywhere else on the planet. Even though cities have been around for thousands of years, the way that humans are urbanising our planet in recent decades has become radically transformative for entire ecosystems. Urban living is literally altering the DNA of life on Earth. Read More >>

Live Rat Found in Packet of Aldi Plums

Imagine finding a live rat scurrying among your fruit and veg. Eugh. Well, one Aldi-shopping couple didn't have to imagine it as they experienced it first-hand: they found a live rat crawling around in a seal packet of plums. Read More >>

The ‘Shower Rat’ is Very Obviously Not Showering

It’s very easy to look at an animal mimicking a human-like behavior and think “Wow! That animal is doing a human thing! It looks so cute and happy” (because humans are so cute and happy, right?) That is almost never the case. If an animal looks weird, it probably is weird—and not in a good way. Read More >>

Ridiculous Rat-Grown Mouse Organ Transplant Cures Diabetic Mice

It’s a beautiful tale of graciousness and sacrifice. Hopeless, drug-addled mice, suddenly stricken with diabetes, are offered a cure at the mercy of their all-knowing scientist overlords. Their rat-tailed comrades miraculously grew functioning mouse pancreases and the higher power, blessed be, healed the mice with the bounty. Amen! Read More >>

Watching a Rattlesnake Attack in Super Slow-Mo Will Mess You Up

Mohave rattlesnakes and Merriam kangaroo rats are currently embroiled in an evolutionary arms race, pitting wily predator against fast-acting prey. Dramatic high-speed video shows how quick and creative snakes need to be to launch an attack — and how rodents still manage to evade capture. Read More >>

5,000 Years Ago, Rodents Were on the Menu in Ancient Scotland

According to a new study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science on Tuesday, 5,000 years ago people in Europe likely ate rodents as snacks. Read More >>

Poison-Resistant ‘Super Rats’ Will Invade Our Homes This Winter, So Get Rat-Proofing

As if depressingly short days, freezing limbs and the X Factor aren’t enough to put up with, the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) says that ‘super rats’ will invade our homes as temperatures continue to plummet. Read More >>

These Hero Rats Are Trained to Sniff Out Land Mines and Tuberculosis  

An international NGO trains rodents to find buried bombs and a deadly respiratory disease. Meanwhile, I’ve taught my dog how to carry three tennis balls in his mouth at once. Read More >>

South London “Rat Plague” Stopping Royal Mail Deliveries

The Royal Mail has ordered it's posties not to deliver to certain addresses in London Road, Streatham, due to an apparent plague of rats and filth making it too unhealthy to risk walking down. Read More >>

Scientists Grow Fully Working Rat Arm in the Lab

Scientists have some great news for anyone who's pet rodent has lost a limb, revealing an entirely lab-grown rat arm ready for stitching on to any rats who may have been harmed in industrial accidents. Read More >>

Rat Brains are Organised Like the Internet

Mammalian brains are incredibly dense with connections: with present technology, just building a computer that can replicate one per cent of a human’s brain technology requires the power of 250,000 desktop PCs. But, thanks to one new scientific paper, we now at least know how the synapses are organised. Read More >>