You Can Use Regular Watch Bands on Misfit’s New Ray Fitness Tracker

Misfit’s been owned by Fossil for less than two months, but we are already seeing the accessory maker’s stylish influence on the brand’s fitness trackers. Misfit’s new Ray is a far cry from the sports watch form factor more common with wearables, and you can dress it up with standard eight-millimetre watch bands. Read More >>

Gorgeous School Furniture That Teaches Kids Good Posture

Turns out, sitting hunched over a desk for eight hours a day isn't all that great for a kid's posture, and the spinal contortions needed to lean over a flat desk certainly do nothing for a student's ability to focus on the day's lessons. However, this rolling chair from Dublin-based industrial design firm Perch aims to keep kids upright, comfortable, and engaged through the magic of deforming plastic. Read More >>

Sony Ericsson Makes Barely Functional Ice Cream Sandwich Alpha Build Available For the Brave or Foolhardy

Craving a taste of Google's latest Android iteration and running a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, Neo V or Ray? This is your lucky day -- SE has made an alpha build of the Ice Cream Sandwich update it's working on available for your early upgrading pleasure. Read More >>

The First Solar-Powered Charger I’d Actually Use

Solar-powered chargers make me feel like I'm doing something nice for the Earth. Too bad I never use the damn things because positioning them for optimal Sun-catching is a pain in the ass. The Ray solar charger's suction cup action solves that problem. Read More >>