Add Missiles to the List of Weapons You Can (Sorta) 3-D Print

3D printing may have already spawned dart guns, pistols, and rifles, but up until now, the 3-D printed arsenal has been lacking the firepower of a guided missile. Read More >>

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Raytheon’s Modular Missile Defence Snaps Together Like Lego Bricks

As the number and variety of air, space, and surface-based threats to naval fleets continue to proliferate, defending against them all is getting harder and harder. But equipped with this new unified threat detection system from Raytheon, USArleigh Burke-class destroyers will know what's coming from 30 times farther away. Read More >>

US Military Drones to Start Running on Linux

Raytheon is making a bold move: it's dumping the proprietary operating system Solaris in favour of Linux for the control systems of its US military drones. Read More >>

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The Newest Tomahawk is a Mighty Morphin’ Cruise Missile

The Tomahawk is among the most widely used and effective conventional weapons in the US military arsenal, especially since they began covertly launching them from the safety of submerged submarines during the Cold War. Recently, Raytheon debuted the latest upgrades to its newest generation of Tomahawks—cruise missiles smarter and more adaptable than ever before. Read More >>

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This Multi-Launcher Spits Out Missiles Like a 12-Barrel Revolver

While the Phalanx has proven an immensely effective self-defence system for the US Navy, it's far from a watertight solution. To intercept incoming threats that the Phalanx can't handle, the US Navy is investing in a rotating missile-launcher that lobs a baker's dozen of self-propelled missiles at anyone dumb enough to engage. Read More >>

Defence Specialist Builds Terrifying Automated Web Stalker and Data Harvester

You know full well that all the innocent crap you spam out to social networks can be used to pinpoint you, highlight your friends and track your favourite places, building up a perfect record of your little life. Defence specialist Raytheon is automating this data harvesting process with a view to patenting a comprehensive tracking tool. Read More >>

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The Sandwich-Sized Laser-Guided Smart Bomb

The AGM-114 Hellfire Missile packs a hell of a punch. However, at over five feet long with a 20-pound warhead, it's simply too big to fit on many UAVs, and it's too destructive for military's new targeted strike policy. So rather than let all those potential missile platforms go to waste, Raytheon just built a smaller bomb. Read More >>

DARPA Wants Its Smart Phones to Rock Thermal Cameras

Night vision is cool. It's also incredibly useful, too, which is why the US military is funding a project that will make it cheap enough to feature on your phone. Read More >>