Gillette’s Latest Innovation Is Removing Blades From Razors

Every couple of years, Gillette reveals the latest breakthrough in shaving technology. That has often involved adding more blades to its razors. More blades must equal a better shave, right?! One, two, three, four, five plus an extra one hidden on the back – the company has done it all. But now, after decades of famously adding all those extra blades to its razor cartridges, Gillette is removing them. Read More >>

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A Razor Blade-Covered Yo-Yo is the Most Dangerous Toy Since Lawn Darts

We’re all guilty of performing stupid stunts as kids, but most of us tend to avoid risking life and limb as we grow older. YouTube’s Giaco Whatever has done just the opposite. Using his machining skills, he attached a bunch of razor blades to a high performance yo-yo, creating a toy that’s possibly even more dangerous than lawn darts. Read More >>

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Attaching Razor Blades to a High-Speed Spinning Top Is the Best Worst Idea

If the internet is remembered for anything, it will be as humanity’s most comprehensive archive of things you probably shouldn’t try at home. Like making your own high-speed spinning toy that can reach speeds of over 100,000 RPMs, and then attaching razor blades to your creation to see what it can destroy. Read More >>

Laser Razor is the Future of Keeping Your Face and Genitals Smooth

"The Skarp Razor is the future of shaving!" say the people behind the Skarp Razor, and although the prototype isn't exactly thrilling to look at it certainly appears to work. Read More >>

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The Easy Trick to Drastically Increase the Life of Your Razor Blades

Today I found out how to drastically increase the life of your shaver razor blades, such as Gillette or Wilkinson Sword brand razors. This trick is incredibly simple and just as incredibly effective. It will also save you a nice chunk of change over time and make all your dreams come true. Read More >>

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A Nick in Time: How Shaving Evolved Over 100,000 Years of History

Removing unwanted body hair has been a part of human hygiene since the dawn of history. Over the centuries, this practice has served to denote everything from high-ranking social status to acts of contrition. And as the tradition of shaving has evolved in step with global culture, so too have the tools of the trade. Read More >>

Enjoy a Meat Facial With Bacon Shaving Cream

You eyes do not deceive you, although your nose might get a bit confused by what the hell is going on. It's Bacon Shaving Cream, a grooming product for men who enjoy a lingering meaty residue. Read More >>

Beard Trimmers Come With Lasers Now, Everybody Go Back to Bed

If you're absolutely fanatical about keeping the lines of your beard or goatee clean and symmetrical, you probably tossed your old razor after seeing that Philips is introducing a trimmer with a built-in laser-projected guide. The StyleXpert Beardtrimmer 9000 takes your obsessive grooming routine to the next level; you'll just want to be careful trimming your eyebrows. Read More >>

Finally, an Electric Razor That Gets Cooler As You Shave

Shaving with an electric razor saves you the hassle of dealing with messy shaving cream and dull blades that can leave your face all cut up. But the friction generated by an electric razor's moving blades usually causes the head to heat up, which can in turn irritate a dry face. The only alternative left is to let your beard grow free, or try Braun's new CoolTec Shaver which promises to eliminate both stubble and heat. Read More >>

What’s Your Preferred Method of Electric Beard Mitigation?

Just because winter's coming on doesn't mean you have to go full-blown Grizzly Adams simply to keep your face warm (they have scarves for that). But if shaving foam and water are too much of a hassle every morning and the thought of having a stranger flick a six-inch long blade about your jugular area leaves you squeamish, a more modern approach to your manscaping needs is required. But with hundreds of varieties of electric razors on the market, which do you choose? Read More >>

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This Start-Up Video Is So Funny, I Kind of Wish I Had a Beard to Shave Off

While the cool, calm breeze blows in our face an hour before the Apple storm ravages our lovely tech site's ears, take a minute to watch one of the funniest start-up pitches I've ever seen, from the Dollar Shave Club, which sends customers a new razor every month. [Dollar Shave Club via Mashable] Read More >>

The Greatest Electric Razor for Your Beautiful Face

At a time when robots vacuum our floors and make love to our wives, isn't it a bit backwards to drag razor blades across your face, aided by foamy lubricant and water? Electric razors are great—and here's the best. Read More >>