How Did You End Up With Red Hair?

People from different parts of the world look different, and sometimes it feels weird to ask why. But yes, there is in fact chemistry and genetics behind the way we look. Read More >>

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Watch the Colours of the Four Seasons Get Recreated with Microscopic Footage

Winter is here and though it hasn’t overstayed its welcome just yet (it will), it’s still no fun to have to wear so many darn layers. Read More >>

The Six Stages of Facebook Reaction Grief

Facebook now has reactions. (“Yay” is not one of them.) And I have feelings about these new Like button alternatives. (“Yay” is not one of them.) Read More >>

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Amazing Lightning-Fast Reactions When Avoiding 150MPH Crashes are Why Racing Drivers are Paid So Much

If you've ever had a near-miss on the motorway at 70mph you'll know just how terrifyingly little time you really have to react. Now take that, double the speed; add torrential rain and spray that means you basically can't see anything, and try and react this quick. That's one truly insanely close call. Read More >>