Reminder: George R. R. Martin Is Probably Never Going To Finish A Song Of Ice And Fire

It's been five years since the last book. It's been a year since the last update. We're only two (short) seasons away from the end of the TV series. Maybe it's time to face it: it's likely the A Song Of Ice And Fire books will never get finished. Read More >>

Ghostbusters Has Been Turned Into Shakespeare

When something is well-written, it’s not uncommon to hear someone refer to it as “Shakespeare.” For example, hypothetically, someone might say, “The script for Ghostbusters was so good, it’s like Shakespeare.” But what if Ghostbusters actually was written by Shakespeare? Read More >>

Ebooks Down, Book-Book Sales Up

Sales of electronic versions of books for ereaders, tablets and besieged smartphones have fallen for the first time in years, with publishing experts blaming the nation's overwhelming number of screens for a huge 17 per cent drop in consumer ebook sales. Read More >>

The Adult Colouring Book Trend is Dead

The latest set of financial data from high street retail bellwether WH Smith shows that we've all had it up to HERE with the ironic adult colouring books we've been getting for Christmas this last two or three years, with the shop saying sales of such titles have "fallen off a cliff." Unfortunately not accompanied by people who like and buy them. Read More >>

Lovely Old Janet Ellis Caught Being Rude in 2016’s Bad Sex Literature Awards

Janet Ellis, the lovely mumsy one from Blue Peter that older readers may have had a thing for once upon a time, is the star of the 2016 Bad Sex in Fiction awards, thanks to writing a few paragraphs about doing it that compare men's backs to ploughed fields and sex to being like a sack of porridge oats falling over. Read More >>

There’s Going to Be a New Tolkien Middle-Earth Book That Isn’t Actually New at All

In 2017, you will finally be able to buy a copy of Beren and Lúthien, a story of old Middle-earth, written by none other than J.R.R. Tolkien himself. Or, you could go buy one of half a dozen already published books that the story appears in later today. Your call! Read More >>

21 Amazing Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Add to Your October Reading List

October is nearly here, which means it’s time to re-up your pile of reading material for a new month. And there is some excellent subject matter here: Twin Peaks, political intrigue, magicians, artificial humans, the apocalypse, vampires, and Young Frankenstein, to name just a few. Read More >>

Pigeons Can Kind of Read

Step aside lizards, looks like we have a new animal overlord. A recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that pigeons can be trained to understand some words, sort of. Read More >>

This Winds of Winter Release Date Is Probably False, But Hope Springs Eternal

To say that George R. R. Martin’s Winds of Winter is very, very highly anticipated is putting it very, very mildly—so any micro-crumb of information regarding a release date is going to attract attention. Today’s pulse-quickening clue comes courtesy of Amazon’s French site, which has a release date for the book listed. Read More >>

Tech Hasn’t Killed Books Yet

For those unfamiliar, books are a collection of words that form some sort of coherent narrative, printed on paper and bound together. These objects are very much alive and well, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center, despite the fact that we live in an age where you can download the same information onto various pieces of technology. Wild. Read More >>

science fiction
All the New Scifi and Fantasy Books You Absolutely Must Read This Autumn

The weeks between September and mid-November are a bountiful time for book releases, with new works from Alan Moore, Connie Willis, Christopher Priest, Ken Liu, Margaret Atwood, and Fran Wilde, to name just a few. Clear some space in your schedule, and on your shelves—you’re going to need it. Read More >>

What is the Voynich Manuscript, the Book Nobody Can Read?

You know what everybody loves more than anything in the world? Curling up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a nice, pretty book that they can't understand. It's pretty peaceful stuff, sitting there staring at the rows of squiggly shapes, with absolutely no clue about what they mean. Read More >>

New Amazon Kindle Expected to Go Down Apple’s ‘Thinner is Better’ Route

We only found out that a new Kindle eReader is on its way yesterday, but the gossipers have already sprung into action. It’s almost like they’ve got nothing else to do. The model Jeff Bezos has promised for next week is reportedly set to be Amazon’s thinnest eReader yet. I know, it’s almost too exciting to handle. Somebody hold me down. Read More >>

UK Libraries Are Closing at an Astonishing Rate

Whisper it, but libraries may soon become rare, special buildings people travel miles and miles to visit during the holidays. Hundreds of libraries across the UK have closed over the past six years, with 7,933 jobs -- a quarter of the overall total -- disappearing in the process. Read More >>