Steven Spielberg Doesn’t Get to Complain About Netflix Movies Qualifying for Oscars in a Post-Ready Player One World

Steven Spielberg has made many truly incredible movies. He is, rightfully, one of the most lauded filmmakers ever. But as someone who had the distinct pain of watching Ready Player One on a flight recently, maybe we should conclude that times have changed, and not everything he has to say is important. Read More >>

The King of Wakanda Holds the Oscars’ First Best Picture Nod for a Superhero Film

All hail the once and future king of Wakanda. Black Panther has now made Academy Awards history as the first superhero or comic book film nominated for Best Picture. And that’s not the only award the blockbuster Marvel film is gunning for at the 2019 Oscars. Read More >>

Does Ready Player One Director Steven Spielberg Know What the Heck a Playstation Is?

Steven Spielberg is the director of very profitable movie and shameless gamer nostalgia cash-in Ready Player One, which is mostly set in virtual reality. While doing an international press tour for the movie, he also allegedly told Japanese news agency Kyodo that his favourite VR experience was playing Mario... on, uh, a PlayStation. Read More >>

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Is the VR Universe in Ready Player One Possible?

In 2018, nearly everything is in place for a descent into a Ready Player One-style dystopia. The way things are going, we should be destitute and beaten down by climate change long before the 2040s. All we’re missing, for now, is the technology. People are already more than happy to spend huge percentages of their lives hooked up to alternate realities (social media, MMO games, binged television) but these are all rudimentary compared to Ready Player One’s immersive, hyper-lifelike OASIS VR universe. Those looking to escape the grim, cash-squeezed drudgery of day-to-day life through fully-immersive VR will have to wait, for now, until someone invents a way to get 75% of the country’s population on the same platform. Read More >>

Here’s How Steven Spielberg and ILM Recreated That Movie for Ready Player One

Whether you loved or hated Ready Player One, odds are you were still amazed by the second challenge—yes, that scene—even if you were just wondering how the hell even someone like director Steven Spielberg pulled off something so impossible. Now we know. Read More >>

Steven Spielberg Made Ready Player One Work in Spite of Itself

Ready Player One was a very divisive book and now it’s a very divisive movie. I’m a fan of Ernest Cline’s love letter to pop culture, although I fully admit it has problems. So I was excited that Steven Spielberg would helm the movie adaptation, though I knew the two would differ. What I didn’t know was how much the film was going to challenge and recontextualise my feelings about the book. Read More >>

A Brief Treatise on the Greatest Line in Ready Player One, and Possibly All of Cinema

The history of motion pictures is full of iconic lines. Some folks, frankly, don’t give a damn. Others remark on how life, uh, finds a way. Then, there’s this gem from Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, which will go down as the greatest grouping of words ever uttered on the big screen: “A fanboy knows a hater.” Read More >>

Why It Took Ready Player One Eight Years to Become a Movie

Warner Bros. and producer Donald De Line purchased the rights to Ernie Cline’s Ready Player One back in 2010, a year before the book was even published. When it was finished, the producers immediately realised they had a massive problem—literally. Read More >>

Steven Spielberg Tried to Get Star Wars Into Ready Player One, But Couldn’t

From Back to the Future and The Iron Giant, to Akira and The A-Team, Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is absolutely jam-packed with pop culture references. However, despite the efforts of arguably the most famous and powerful director of all time, one kind of big property isn’t in the movie adaptation. Read More >>

Ready Player One Is an Orgy of Nostalgia in All the Wrong Ways

The early reactions to Ready Player One after its screening at SXSW were mostly positive, but don’t count io9's among them. It isn’t so much a movie about loving old video games and other cultural artefacts. It’s about loving to love those things, which makes Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of the bestselling novel feel hollow despite—or maybe because of—the relentless pop culture references it throws at you. Read More >>

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If the Wait for Ready Player One is Too Long, Try This Music Video Instead

Who has the patience to wait for a movie adaptation anymore, anyway? That’s tired. But music video adaptations of books that are also being adapted into film? That’s wired. Welcome to the music oasis. (It’s the OASIS.) Read More >>

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Explore the Collaboration Between Spielberg and Ernest Cline in This Ready Player One Featurette

One of the greatest directors of a generation, and one author who owes that director a huge debt of influence. Read More >>

A Breakdown of All the Clues, ’80s References, and Surprises in the Ready Player One Trailer

The debut trailer for Ready Player One came out during San Diego Comic-Con, and it gave Gunters and newbies alike a lot to look forward to. It’s full of footage that hints how Steven Spielberg’s adaptation will stay faithful to, and stray away from, Ernest Cline’s nerdy novel. We’ve broken it all down for you, and here’s everything we found. Read More >>

Ready Player One First Footage is a Spectacular Cornucopia of Pop Culture References

Steven Spielberg came to San Diego Comic-Con Saturday to reveal the first footage from Ready Player One, the film adaptation of Ernie Cline’s scifi, nostalgia filled book. And the footage delivered big, sweeping, pop culture fun. Read More >>

Warner Bros Says HTC Vive Is Best VR System, Chooses It For ‘Ready Player One’

HTC Vive got a big endorsement today as Warner Bros Pictures announced that it'll be the official partner for all VR content for Ready Player One – calling it the "best system to represent the future of VR" in the process. Read More >>