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The 10 Worst Superpowers to Have in Real Life

What kind of human doesn’t want to have superpowers? I’d literally take any of them — flying, teleportation, invisibility, super strength — shoot, even a useless one like being able to eat anything would be so awesome to have. But there’s a dark side to having superpowers, and it’s mostly because we live in stupid ass real life. Read More >>

Oculus Used These Optical Illusions to Prove Everything We Know is Wrong

Virtual reality isn't ready yet. It's damn good but it can't quite fully convince you that you are someplace you're not. How sure are you of the "real world," anyhow? Today, Oculus VR guru Michael Abrash used these great optical illusions to show how fake our reality can be. Read More >>

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How Do You Know You’re Real?

It's Friday morning, and maybe you're questioning your life a little: is it worth this long hard slog each week? But there are bigger questions to ask yourself, like, do you even exist in the first place? Read More >>

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What Is Reality, Anyway?

Forgive us while we get a little philosophical on a Friday but: what the hell is reality anyway? Read More >>

How Quantum Theory Screws With Our Perception of Reality

Our modern understanding of reality is based on some fundamental concepts: that the world around us is tangible; that the theory of relativity holds; that cause and effect works as we'd expect, and that humans have free will. But take quantum theory at face value, and it turns out the four can't co-exist together. Read More >>

Using Electrical Charge to Make the World Feel Different

Imagine if you picked up a ceramic teapot and it felt hairy, of if you ran your hand across a counter top and it felt like sandpaper. That's exactly the kind of thing researchers at the cutting edge of touch interfaces are trying to do, by changing the way everyday objects feel using a weak electric signal fed through a user's entire body. Read More >>

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I Want to Ride On This Wacky Little Planet

Joergen Geerds, Dan Finkler and Mark Sevenoff got six Sony Ericsson Xperia phones, combined them with a special panoramic mount and then recorded an 360-degree videopanorama of their ride in Moab, Utah, USA. The result is beautiful, especially the Little Planet view. Read More >>

EA Turning Battlefield 3 Into Sports Celeb “Reality Show”

Mega publisher Electronic Arts is about to take video games into a very weird new place, thanks to new reality TV show production Battlefield 3: Operation Gridiron. Read More >>