virtual reality
Intel’s Project Alloy Is What a VR System Should Be

Intel announced its Project Alloy VR concept back in August, but no one’s been able to try it since. That all changed this week at CES, where Intel showed off a developer kit to select media. We were lucky enough to be invited into the private demonstration—and we’re happy to report that it was well worth the wait. Read More >>

augmented reality
Pokémon Go Just Made Augmented Reality Mainstream

Augmented reality—the ability to witness an altered version of our world via a smartphone display, goofy glasses, or through a camera—is not new. Thanks to Pokémon Go, though, people might actually start to care about it. Read More >>

Intel and Google Voltron Their 3D Cameras Into a Single Smartphone

We’ve still got no idea when you’ll be able to buy a smartphone with Google’s 3D-sensing Project Tango technology inside, but here’s a spot of good news: Intel is contributing its own 3D camera tech to Google to help make it a reality. Read More >>

Razer Gets In Your Face With a 3D Camera

Razer is making an Intel-powered Kinect for PCs. A 3D-sensing depth camera that uses Intel’s RealSense technology. Why would you want that? Well—Intel says it’ll let anyone put their face into a Twitch game streaming video. Read More >>

While You Weren’t Looking, Dell Announced the Most Interesting Tablet

Apple! Apple! Apple! You were probably too busy gawking at Cupertino's precious new watch and giant smartphones to notice anything else that happened in the world of technology this week. There's no shame in that. But if you were paying attention to the 2014 Intel Developers Conference in San Francisco, you might have gotten a glimpse of a truly incredible tablet. Michael Dell himself walked out on stage to announce the device, and we tried it that very afternoon. Read More >>

iCloud Hack? Intel Says its RealSense Technology Answers Security Woes

With Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledging that last week's celebrity nudepics' leakage was at the hands of compromised iCloud accounts, our eyes are naturally roaming for more secure ways of locking up our data. Speaking to Intel's April Natividad, who manages the global marketing for smartphone and tablets, the onus isn't just on the users to choose complex passwords -- the hardware and software providers need to look at ways beyond the traditional password input. Read More >>

Intel RealSense: How a Chip Maker Will Turn the World Into a Hologram

Displays that can read your mood. Chips implanted in our brains. More than just wearable technology; technology that's in everything we wear. Almost quaint in a sci-fi novella. But in Intel's real-life vision? Thrilling. And RealSense is what's going to get us there. Read More >>