Here’s Why Hellboy is a Reboot Instead of a Sequel

The short answer: they wouldn’t do a third movie without Guillermo. Read More >>

Bergerac Reboot Pitched as a Dark Crime Serial

Bergerac, which anyone old enough to remember the TV of the 1980s remembers fondly because it was one of the few things that wasn't news or That's Life!, is perhaps coming back. A team of production companies is pitching it right now, hopefully with at least a cameo role for the original Bergerac player John Nettles. Read More >>

Game of Thrones is Already Getting Rebooted (In India)

A Pakistani news network has reported that Sony's TV department is in the process of rebooting Game of Thrones, with a completely new version said to be in the works for Indian TV. Read More >>

Riotous Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Crashes Out of Comic-Con

Mad Max is the latest film series to be rebooted by an inspirationally bereft and risk averse Hollywood, with a lengthy trailer of the re-imagining appearing online ahead of its 2015 release. And, shock horror, George Miller's return to his burnt-out future is looking rather hot. Read More >>

Is Your Windows Phone 8 Handset Randomly Rebooting?

The earliest of early adopters have now been using Windows Phone 8 for almost three weeks — and it seems that there may be a few teething problems. In particular, some users are reporting infuriating random reboots and some battery life issues. Read More >>

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Oh Dear, Robocop’s New Vehicles Look Lame

First we saw a spy-shot of the new Robocop-reboot suit on set, which looked more like Batman crossed with Tron than the bullet-proof rozzer from the original Robocop. Now we get a glimpse at Robo's new cars and, err, bike. And, well, they're pretty lame-looking. Read More >>