FBI Director Forced to Fact-Check Trump’s Twitter Bullshit in Real-Time

Imagine if your Twitter account was so trash that federal investigators were called before Congress to publicly dismantle your tweets. For President Trump, that nightmare scenario became a reality on Monday. Read More >>

10 Insults Hidden on Shopping Receipts

Do you know the one of the three overweight women who walk into a restaurant and get an electronic receipt with the words "FAT GIRLS" on it? Sadly, you probably do because it's not the first time something like this has happened. This time the victims were these three women in Stockton, California. And the list keeps growing. Insulting people on receipts is officially a trend now. Read More >>

Woman Printed Out Her Own Till Receipts to Cash in at M&S

Here's a clever idea from an enterprising fraudster. Kathleen Stepien bought items from one branch of Marks and Spencer, took them home, printed out a fake till receipt for a higher value, then got a refund at another branch. Read More >>