Can You Use a Fridge as a Faraday Cage?

Earlier this week a New York Times article claimed that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asked a group of lawyers visiting him to put their mobile phones in the fridge — the idea being that it would act as a Faraday cage. But does it actually work? Read More >>

Your Freeview Might Get Nuked By 4G

The mobile networks are blowing money on 4G again, only this time it's not on masts or coverage -- it's to make sure interference from new transmitters doesn't ruin our enjoyment of Antiques Roadshow. Read More >>

Government Throws Money at Mobile — £150m to Boost UK Coverage

George Osborne has magicked up some money to help boost the UK's mobile infrastructure, finding and promising to spend £150m on enhancing the UK's mobile network -- so 99 per cent of the country will soon get a signal. Read More >>