Facial Recognition Software Can Find Your Dream Webcam Sex Performer

A business operating in the thrilling webcam sex industry has come up with an interesting way of selling its, er, products, by letting users use facial recognition tools to track down a sex performer who looks like someone you know or like, or hate and want to see shamed. Read More >>

Google’s Bots Can Tell the Difference Between Oranges and Bananas

Google's learning machines are slowly cottoning on and waking up to the world around them, with the tech giant's latest research developments seeing it double test scores when recognising the stuff that clutters our lives. Read More >>

Facebook Begins Auto-Tagging US Friends of EU Residents

Facebook appears to be slowly reactivating its facial recognition tools in Europe, a couple of years after privacy concerns raised by EU members forced it to stop assembling the mother of all biometric databases. Read More >>

UK Cops Test Live Facial Recognition Tools

Police in Leicester have been trialling the Neo-Face tagging system, living the future-cop dream of having a live camera system beam the faces of people back to head office for a quick comparison with known offenders on the database. Read More >>

New UK Street Advert Uses a Camera To Discriminate Against Men (Updated)

A fancy new interactive advert built into a bus shelter on London’s Oxford Street only plays its 40-second reel to women. The display uses a built-in camera to analyse the facial features of passersby with a 90 per cent accuracy, spitting out a Plan UK advert only to the fairer sex. Read More >>

Turn Any Surface Into a Touch-Sensitive Instrument With a £5 Microphone

My desk is boring. My walls are boring. My windows are boring. I need to liven them up by turning them into musical instruments that detect and recognise my touch. Fortunately, that's cheaper and easier than it sounds. Read More >>

Motherf*cking Wasps Recognise Each Other By Their Faces

Scientists have found something really surprising and remarkable: wasps can recognise each other by looking at their faces. Until know, we thought that only animals like humans or chimps can do this. Not anymore. Read More >>