Bread Bags Bravely Enlist to be Recycled for Greater Good

Millions of poor little bread bags have agreed to be gathered up and melted down in a touching act of self-sacrifice, thanks to a recycling initiative backed by sandwich kingpin Hovis. Read More >>

Teenager Builds London Out Of Unwanted PC Parts

An 18-year-old artist from Zimbabwe has used e-waste to create a beautiful small-scale model of Westminster out of old computer parts. Read More >>

The Kids Love Reverse-Vending Away the Plastic Bottles

Iceland, the high-end food destination of the social elite, has said that its trial of reverse-vend plastic bottle deposit machines has been a roaring success, as customers, particularly children, have been having great fun and earning BIG by feeding their plastic empties to the first wave of bottle recycling machine. Read More >>

Oh Christ, There Might Be Another Type of Bin Soon

The government is consulting on whether or not houses need more types of bin outside them, with the currently favoured plan being to introduce a specific food waste bin alongside a bottle deposit return system to further demonise the plastic sea monster. Read More >>

Business Bosses Say Stop Imagining Away Plastic to be Burnt Overseas

A group of businesspeople have written an open letter. This must be important. It is nothing to do with Brexit, thankfully, instead focussing on what happens to the masses of plastic waste we can't recycle and is sent overseas for 'special' recycling. Which often means being set on fire or buried, and isn't quite what we imagine might happen when we rinse out the sodding yogurt pots. Read More >>

Green Tuesday Is The Environmentalist’s Answer To Black Friday

If you're feeling a bit grossed out by the consumerist excesses of the shopping bonanza that is Black Friday encouraging us to fill our tiny, overpriced homes with more things we don't need, Green Tuesday might be the day for you. Read More >>

Apple’s New Macs Use ‘100 Per Cent Recycled Aluminium,’ But What Does That Mean?

Apple’s second press blitz of the autumn delivered details on a bunch of new devices. But the company also made some announcements on the environmental front that are generating buzz and raising questions, particularly regarding the recycled materials some of its 2018 product line will use. Read More >>

Actually Yes, Do Send Us All Your Old Crisp Packets Now, Walkers Says

People power has worked, yo, with a fist pump in the air coming from all those who posted their crisp packets back to Walkers – celebrating news that empty crisp packets are now welcome in the Walkers office as it has signed a new and oddly hasty recycling deal to slow the inexorable flood of licked-clean crisp packets into the environment. Read More >>

This Tiny Speaker Promises Better Sound When You Attach an Empty Bottle

The solution to few of life’s problems can be found at the bottom of a bottle, except, maybe, the poor sound quality from tiny wireless speakers. The creators of the portable Sodapop speaker promise that by simply attaching an empty plastic bottle, you can increase its loudness and bass by almost 10 decibels. Read More >>

How to Get Everything Possible Out of Your Old Gadgets in 2018

There comes a time in every gadget’s life when it needs to accept the reality of growing old – software lag has gone beyond a joke, it’s no longer getting updates, and nothing works with it any more. And maybe the screen is broken too. But while you put in an order for a new toy, here’s everything you can (and should) do with your old device. Read More >>

Morrisons Will Let You Reverse-Vend Your Way to Riches

The thrilling opportunity to use a reverse-vend machine and see your plastic bottles magically sucked away is coming to Morrisons, with the supermarket launching a trial of the bottle-eating machines in a handful of branches. Read More >>

Tonnes of Our Carefully Collected Plastic Recycling is Burned or Buried in Vietnam

That yogurt pot you carefully scrutinised to see if it was recyclable or not? Could well be on fire in Vietnam right now, or being rolled into the ground in a landfill in Malaysia, because we don't have the capacity to recycle all of our plastic waste; so much of it is dumped overseas instead where... corners may be cut. Read More >>

Scottish Supermarket Installs Milk Vending Machine for Refillable Bottles

A boutique Scottish farm shop has hit upon an idea that might just save the planet from choking to death on two-litre plastic milk jugs; a milk vending machine customers use to fill their own reusable glass bottles. A robot cow at your service. Read More >>

The EU is Planning a Ban on Single-Use Plastic Products

The European Commission is proposing a ban on around 10 single-use plastic items that it says account for approximately 70 per cent of all garbage in the European Union’s waters and beaches, including cutlery, straws, cotton buds, plates, some coffee cups, and stirrers, CNN Money reported on Monday. Read More >>

Stop Throwing Mobile Phone Batteries in the Bin, You’re Firebombing Bin Lorries

It can be difficult to figure out what to do with your old electronics when you’re ready to move on from them, but here is one thing you should definitely not do: throw them in the bin. Discarded devices powered by lithium-ion batteries are basically fire bombs waiting to explode on unsuspecting sanitation workers. Read More >>