Mutated Plastic-Munching Enzyme Accidentally Created During Lab Experiment

A couple of years ago, scientists discovered an enzyme in a waste recycling centre in Japan that digests plastic. During a recent experiment to understand how this enzyme works, scientists accidentally created a mutated version that breaks down plastic even better than the one found in nature. The discovery could go a long way in reducing plastic waste, particularly from water bottles. Read More >>

Costa Promises Recycling Revolution, Will Actually Recycle All the Coffee Cups it Sells

Coffee cups are bad apparently, mainly because they're made with a mix of paper and plastic that's quite hard to recycle - meaning a lot of them aren't. To the point that government ministers have considered charging a 25p "latté-levy" for anyone who doesn't turn up to their local coffee-emporium with a reusable cup. Coffee chains seem to have taken this problem to heart, with Costa now declaring it will spearhead a "cup recycling revolution". Read More >>

Plastic Guilt is Reviving the Milk Bottle

The UK's network of smaller local dairies are reporting a surge in demand for milk in old fashioned glass bottles, as the nation's resolve to move away from plastic containers strengthens. Read More >>

London Flats Will Vacuum Away Recycling Through Hidden Pipes

A new development of flats in London is to test an innovative system for disposing of recycling -- sucking it down a network of pipes to an off-site facility. Which will be amazing, until the local kids start putting car tyres and dead cats down them. Read More >>

Personal Incinerators Are One Man’s Vision of the Future

A man's had an idea again. This time the man is called Nik Spencer and his idea, he thinks, is particularly revolutionary: a personal incinerator for the home. Never again will you have to sort stuff out for the bin men, as the amazing, empowering thrill of burning all your rubbish could soon be here. Read More >>

We Really Are Going to Have to Take Plastic Bottles Back to the Shops

There almost certainly and most probably in all likelihood WILL be a bottle return deposit scheme launched in England in the near future, as the government's said a return system for all "single use drinks containers" is nearly definitely coming. Read More >>

Government Ministers Aren’t So Sure About This Whole ‘Latte Levy’ Idea

Thing back to the long distance past of two months ago, and you might remember that a government report from the Environment Audit Committee suggested a 'latte levy' that would see customers pay 25p every time they bought a hot drink in a disposable cup. A fine for buying something in a cup that is hard to recycle, basically, in an effort to cut down on waste. Read More >>

Land Rover Charges £6,230 for Recycled Bottle Seat Covers

The Venn diagram that shows people who own high-end Land Rovers and people who care about their impact on environment is pretty low on space in the middle intersection of the seemingly disparate circles, but for those fortunate few there's a new, massively expensive conscience-easer on sale -- recycled plastic seat covers. For your Range Rover. For an extra six grand. Read More >>

New Scheme Wants Free Water For Everyone by 2021

In a bid to cut down on plastic waste, industry body Water UK wants to see free water refill points in all major towns and cities across the UK by 2021. If you're thirsty while you're out and about, forget popping into Tesco Express to pick up a plastic bottle filled with cola; instead, fill up your own reusable bottle with some free water. Read More >>

Supermarket Iceland Wants to be Plastic-Free Within Five Years

Iceland — the supermarket chain, not the country — has announced that by 2023, it wants to get rid of or massively reduce plastic packaging from its own-label goods. Read More >>

MPs Want a ‘Latte Levy’ to Cut Down on Disposable Cup Waste

The world loves going to coffee shops and gulping down large amounts of caffeinated beverages, but MPs aren't too impressed about the number of cups they produce. Cups that inevitably get thrown away, because keeping them around would be plain weird. To solve the issue of all that waste, some of them have suggested a new 'latter levy' to try and cut down on waste. Read More >>

Swedes Generate Power From Unsafe H&M Shirts

A heat and power station in the Swedish city of Vasteras has been using an unusual source of matter for burning -- discarded H&M clothing. 15 tonnes of it so far this year. Read More >>

How Bad Is Your Council At Recycling? Check Out These Depressing New Figures

I make no secret about how shitty my local council is at recycling. Basically if it's not cardboard or a plastic bottle, they won't take it. They won't even recycle glass, for crying out loud. I've always wondered how it compares to the rest of the country, and now someone actually crunched the numbers to find out. Read More >>

Councils Burn Billions of Cartons Because Recycling is Hard

Part of the vague world of recycling has been exposed as a sham, with around 90 per cent of cardboard cartons -- the tricky ones with the foil linings designed to keep your soup as zingy fresh as the day it was glugged out by the chicken reconstitution centrifuges -- being found to be burnt rather than recycled. Read More >>

Samsung Is Mining Dead Note 7s For Precious Metals

Having gone to the effort of arranging a bunch of previous materials into a phone, Samsung must now unarrange them all again to recover some of its losses. The Note 7, which launched last year, became infamous because of its propensity to explode thanks to a badly designed battery. Some of the phones will be sold under a new name, with a new lower capacity power cell, but the rest will be junked. Read More >>