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How to Build Giant Structures Using Soda Bottles and a 3D Printer

Reduce, re-use, and recycle are words to live by as we try to minimise humanity’s demand for our planet’s natural resources. But instead of sending your empty soda bottles off to be recycled, scientists from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany want you to build everything from chairs, to boats, to outdoor shelters with them. Read More >>

Burning Tampons and Nappies Will Soon Generate Power

A waste recycling company has hit upon a potentially useful thing to do with old sanitary products and nappies -- wringing them out (hopefully by machine), baling them up and burning them in power stations. Read More >>

Coke to Test Bottle Deposit Scheme in Scotland

The Coca-Cola drinks-and-therefore-plastic-bottle production giant has changed its stance on the concept of the bottle recycling deposit scheme, deciding that it may well be a good idea for its international image if it was to start encouraging recycling by adding a small refundable deposit to the price of each bottle it sells. Hence collecting old bottles might become a nice hobby again, like it was years ago when it was glass being refunded. Read More >>

Old Phones Will Become Gold Medals for 2020 Games in Tokyo

When the Olympic Games hit Tokyo in 2020, the Olympic organising committee hopes the medals awarded to athletes will be made out of recycled smartphones and other gadgets. Read More >>

Welcome the Shit Museum to London

A museum dedicated to all things poo is coming to London, as we finally catch up with what Eurotrash was doing in the 1990s. Read More >>

Guy Hacks Together a Piano From Chopsticks and Other Instruments and It Sounds Great

You don’t need a million pound Steinway piano to put on a captivating musical performance. You don’t even need a real piano, as Sami Elu proves, by hacking together recycled instruments, materials you’d find at a hardware store, and a bunch of unused chopsticks. Read More >>

Luggage Made From Recycled Aeroplane Seats Might Just Be Indestructible

When you think of the daily abuse that aeroplane seats have to endure, it’s a minor miracle they aren’t torn to shreds after just a week of air travel. The fabrics used for the upholstery must be just short of indestructible, so it makes sense to eventually recycle those materials into bags and backpacks that can easily survive your daily commute. Read More >>

The Retired Public Transport Vehicles Still Serving us Today

What happens to old buses and trains when they die? Most are recycled into tuna tins and foil, probably, but a few, like the old railway carriages you see in odd places about the country, survive as relics of a bygone era. Recycling our history is not only about middle class people turning phone boxes into libraries; there are some cracking converted old utilities out there. Read More >>

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Watch a Photocopier Somehow Get Transformed Into a Trumpet

There’s about 2.2 kilos of salvageable copper inside your typical photocopier (mostly in the power supply and the motor’s copper windings). Copper, that can be mixed with zinc to create brass. Brass, that can be shaped out to make a trumpet. It’s the circle of life! Read More >>

These Sick Adidas Trainers Are Made From Ocean Rubbish

Companies like New Balance have been using recycled plastic from water bottles to make shoes for years now. But Adidas is taking that idea one step further. Teaming up with Parley for the Oceans, its new Adidas x Parley sneakers are also made from plastics recovered from the ocean. Read More >>

Why are We So Bad at Recycling Rare Metals From Technology?

Last month, the internet flew into a frenzy over news that Apple recovered £27 million worth of gold from old gadgets last year. That story turned out to be wildly oversold. But our eagerness to celebrate a tech company’s recycling victory speaks to a disturbing truth. Read More >>

Apple’s Recycling Programme Netted £28 Million in Gold Last Year

Over the last year, Apple processed 40.80 million kilos of electronics they were unwanted or broken. It turns out they were nearly worth their weight in gold—a substance which is used heavily in electronics for its conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Read More >>

The Apple Liam Recycling Robot is a Real-Life Wall-E

Putting 1 billion Apple devices out into the world can lead to a lot of waste. A landfill full of iPhones has the potential to be the world's most valuable rubbish tip, but only if its valuable components are recovered. Apple's focussing on the final stage of its products' life cycles with Liam, a new R&D robot that is specifically built to aid Apple's recycling efforts. Read More >>

Apple is Powered by 100% Renewable Energy in the US and UK

A couple of years ago, Apple announced that it was striving towards powering all its buildings and infrastructure with 100% renewable energy sources. Today it was announced that they are very close to that goal, with 93% of its operations are powered by renewable energy. Read More >>

Simple Tool Turns Plastic Bottles Into Nearly Indestructible Plastic Rope

Rope has quite a stranglehold on the ‘tying things down’ industry, and if you’re tired of paying through the nose for a few feet of glorified twine, you’ll want to consider backing the Kickstarter campaign for this simple tool that can turn empty plastic bottles into super strong plastic rope. Read More >>