This Hurricane Proof House Made From 612,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles Can Withstand 326 MPH Winds

If you’re looking to build a new home on coastal waters where hurricanes are known to roam, you might want to skip the two-by-fours and cement and instead start drinking bottled soda. A Canadian company has recently completed construction of a home with exterior walls made from recycled plastic, and it’s claimed to be able to withstand winds gusting at over 300 miles per hour. Read More >>

A New Way to Erase Ink Lets You Reuse Printouts Without Recycling

Yes, it’s great that your office put a blue bin next to the copy machine so unwanted print outs don’t end up in the trash. But recycling paper still takes its toll on the environment, so researchers at Rutgers have come up with a new way to erase ink off a printed page, allowing it to be run through a printer again and again. Read More >>

Which? Supermarket Survey Discovers They’re Pretty Shit at Making It Easy for You to Recycle

Which? decided to head to the high street and poke around local supermarkets to find out how easy they make it for their customers to correctly recycle waste, and it turns out that the answer is 'not very'. Read More >>

Chemists Promise Breakthrough in Crisp Packet Technology

The difficulties of recycling crisp packets with the metallised films the makers use to keep our sandwich accompaniments fresh could be over soon, thanks to scientists working on new methods of stopping our beloved salty potato products from going soggy. Read More >>

Malaysia is Shipping 3,300 Tonnes of Garbage Back to the Countries it Came From

1We, humans, do love our plastic. From our morning yogurt to our evening takeout, all this plastic feels impossible to avoid. The thing is, well, this plastic needs to go somewhere. Malaysia, a major plastics importer, is one of those somewheres. But now, the country is shipping thousands of tonnes of the world’s plastic back home. Read More >>

Adidas’ FutureCraft Loop Trainer Talks a Big Recycling Game

As much as I like trainers, one problem with the modern running shoe is that after your kicks get worn out, you can’t resole them like you can a nice dress shoe. So inevitably, old trainers end up getting tossed in the trash where they rot in a landfill somewhere for the next few decades or more. However, with some help from its forward-thinking FutureCraft design studio, Adidas has created the Loop, which includes some important innovations that could help reduce waste from shoe manufacturing, even if it hasn’t magically solved the problem yet. Read More >>

Dirty Nappies, Used Needles, and More: The Worst Things People Try to Recycle

Recycling is in trouble. There are many reasons for this, chief among them a string of new bans and restrictions on recycled goods set forth by China. But there’s another, related reason why so much of what Americans try to recycle is now winding up at an incinerator or a landfill. Read More >>

Behind the Hype of Apple’s Plan to End Mining

There are 118 elements on the periodic table. An iPhone contains about 75 of them. Read More >>

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What’s the Worst Trash Humans Produce?

The world is trash. Even leaving aside the garbage of regular citizens—the many stadiums’ worth of human waste, plastic cups and pill bottles, scrapped cars and dead dogs dispensed of every day, every hour of every day—there is the world-withering, endlessly-accumulating waste of the industrial variety, which could toxify every inch of the globe, or at least those few inches that haven’t been toxified already. There is such an astonishing quantity and variety of waste coursing in, around and above the planet that it can be easy to think of all of it as one dense, destructive substance—but there are degrees. Some kinds of trash are worse than other kinds, and it is worth knowing which is which, as we hover in the mudroom of apocalypse. Read More >>

Recycling a GoPro Box Into a Working Aquarium Is the Best Reason to Upgrade

Many factors have contributed to GoPro’s financial woes in recent years, but it doesn’t help that the company’s userbase simply doesn’t have a solid reason to upgrade their cameras every year like they would a fancy smartphone. YouTube’s Imaginative Guy actually makes a stronger case for upgrading your action cam than GoPro does. Built-in video stabilisation? Nah, try turning the camera’s packaging into an adorable miniature aquarium. Read More >>

Bread Bags Bravely Enlist to be Recycled for Greater Good

Millions of poor little bread bags have agreed to be gathered up and melted down in a touching act of self-sacrifice, thanks to a recycling initiative backed by sandwich kingpin Hovis. Read More >>

Teenager Builds London Out Of Unwanted PC Parts

An 18-year-old artist from Zimbabwe has used e-waste to create a beautiful small-scale model of Westminster out of old computer parts. Read More >>

The Kids Love Reverse-Vending Away the Plastic Bottles

Iceland, the high-end food destination of the social elite, has said that its trial of reverse-vend plastic bottle deposit machines has been a roaring success, as customers, particularly children, have been having great fun and earning BIG by feeding their plastic empties to the first wave of bottle recycling machine. Read More >>

Oh Christ, There Might Be Another Type of Bin Soon

The government is consulting on whether or not houses need more types of bin outside them, with the currently favoured plan being to introduce a specific food waste bin alongside a bottle deposit return system to further demonise the plastic sea monster. Read More >>

Business Bosses Say Stop Imagining Away Plastic to be Burnt Overseas

A group of businesspeople have written an open letter. This must be important. It is nothing to do with Brexit, thankfully, instead focussing on what happens to the masses of plastic waste we can't recycle and is sent overseas for 'special' recycling. Which often means being set on fire or buried, and isn't quite what we imagine might happen when we rinse out the sodding yogurt pots. Read More >>