Red Dwarf is Getting a TV Movie

There were days when the idea of seeing Red Dwarf on the big screen seemed like a pipe dream. It had been attempted, but nobody would pay for the thing that would have brought back the Dwarfers for the first time since Series 8's explosive cliffhanger. But now after a few extra series popped onto Dave, it looks like a movie is on the way. Read More >>

Red Dwarf Returns to TV*

Yes! Red Dwarf is... oh. Oh no. Oh smegging hell no. Red Dwarf is going to be back on TV tonight, but the format of this new, ahem, episode, is not going to be fondly recalled as one of the series' most memorable moments. Red Dwarf is back to sell terrestrial vehicle breakdown recovery services. Read More >>

The Red Dwarf Blu-Ray Box Art is Smegging Beautiful

Us Dwarfers were pretty disappointed to hear that the Blu-Ray box sets of series 1-8 have missed their December deadline and will instead be arriving in January 2019, but the Despair Squid has left us something in the form of brand new box art. Read More >>

Red Dwarf Could Return as a Live Stage Show

Things are very much alive in the Red Dwarf universe at the moment, with the show's co-creator revealing that he's planning for series 13 and 14 of the show, and that there's the off chance that the team might reassemble in public for a series of live stage shows. Read More >>

olympics 2020
Japanese Olympic Workers Learn English From ‘Red Dwarf’

Japan is apparently so worried about having enough English speaking staff at the 2020 Olympics that it's making them watch TV programmes including Fawlty Towers and Red Dwarf. Read More >>

The Red Dwarf Lego Ideas Set Just Got 10,000 Supporters

Remember that Red Dwarf-themed set that was up for consideration on Lego Ideas? It's just reached 10,000 supporters, which means it has the chance to become a real set you can buy. Read More >>

Blast From the Past: Chris Barrie Attacks Red Dwarf In Newly Re-Emerged 1993 Interview

Red Dwarf is currently back on our screens for its 11th series - once again on Dave. And by all accounts, it appears that the Boys from the Dwarf are enjoying every moment of the show's success. But it appears that it hasn't always been that way, as a recently re-emerged interview with Rimmer actor Chris Barrie reveals. Giz UK has obtained a copy of the article - which as far as we can tell, hasn't made its way online before. Read More >>

Did Red Dwarf Ever Stop Being Funny?

So Red Dwarf is back, again, and this time it's a proper series and not just a 12-minute webisode paid for by a global logistics firm or a musical stage show. There's new Red Dwarf XI on TV, once a week, every week, from tonight. Just like when TV used to matter and be on at recognisable times. Read More >>

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Smegtastic Gifts to Celebrate the Return of Red Dwarf

20-odd years after it first debuted, Red Dwarf is still far from dead. The 11th series is set to debut on Dave on 22nd September, and the first episode is already available for you to stream online. It's always a treat to get more action from the Boys from the Dwarf, and here are some bits you should get your hands on to celebrate. Read More >>

I Want To Lie Shipwrecked And Comatose With This Red Dwarf LEGO Set

I can’t say with absolute certainty that a Red Dwarf LEGO set is something I’d purchase, but, that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to exist. I do. Very much so. And with a little help, it could become a reality. Read More >>

Red Dwarf Returns Again for Two Proper Series

Mainstream news outlets have been talking about how Robot Wars kingpin Craig Charles is set to leave his role on Coronation Street after ten years pretending to be a man called Lloyd, but that's not the real news. The exciting bit is that he's planning to use his new free time to return to one of the UK's most beloved comedies that's gearing up for a full comeback -- Red Dwarf. Read More >>

virtual reality
Red Dwarf Creator Reckons Porn Will be the Making of Oculus Rift

Sci-fi writer Rob Grant, like many of the great sci-fi writers before him, made a bit of a habit of predicting tech trends in his Red Dwarf series of books and telly programmes, from interactive watches to AR simulation machines. Read More >>

Red Dwarf Series 10 Will be Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

A new series of Red Dwarf is happening, with six episodes set to be filmed during December and January. If you're enough of a fan to have an "H" tattoo, you can get tickets to see it being filmed. Read More >>