Camera Experts Designed a New Kind of 360° Rig for Jupiter Ascending

Lovely though it is in person, Chicago can seem like a grim, grey place on film. So when the Wachowskis decided to film key moments of their new blockbuster Jupiter Ascending there, they didn't just wait for the most beautiful light – they built a whole new type of camera to capture it. Read More >>

Red’s 6K Camera Makes Yemen Look Hauntingly Majestic

Most of us will never go to Yemen. But Nick Mulvey's new music video, "Meet Me There," will make you want to. Read More >>

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This Is the First Wedding In the World Filmed With Ultra-High Definition 3D Cameras

I always hated wedding videos; they always look so cheesy. But not this one. This one was filmed with RED Epic cameras on 5K resolution and 3D! These are the same cameras that Peter Jackson has used for The Hobbit, and Ridley Scott for Prometheus. Read More >>

Can You Really Shoot Print-Quality Portraits With a Red Epic Video Camera?

There are murmurings in the tech word that eventually still cameras will be replaced with video cameras, and photographers will simply pore through thousands of frames to find the perfect shot. And curious if that day had already come, Fstoppers pitted a Red Epic against a Hasselblad H3D-22. Read More >>

F-35 Shot With a Red Epic Camera Is Your Aeroplane Porn of the Week

Ivan Agerton, at Deep Space Reconnaissance/Special Ops, sent us this incredibly crisp footage of the F-35 shot for Lockheed Martin using a Red Epic camera and a Canon zoom. Read More >>

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Is the Only 3D Film I’m Excited About

Jackson is currently hard at work shooting The Hobbit in 3D. But instead of using the bulky 3D rigs commonly associated with 3D movie films. Jackson is using RED EPIC cameras and mirrors to keep the cameras mobile. Read More >>