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Big Tech’s Favourite Excuse for Letting Hate Go Viral Is a Great Argument Against Big Tech

Every horrifying moment amplified by social media follows the same basic script, and Friday’s livestreamed deadly terrorist attack in New Zealand, which left at least 49 people dead and dozens injured, hits all the usual plot points of hate going viral online. Read More >>

49 Dead and Dozens Wounded in New Zealand Terror Attacks That Were Livestreamed on Facebook

At least 49 people are dead and dozens more have been seriously wounded during multiple terror attacks today in Christchurch, New Zealand. The attacker used both guns and bombs in an effort to target Muslims in the country. One series of attacks was livestreamed on Facebook for 17 minutes. Three men and one woman have been arrested, according to the New Zealand Herald. Read More >>

Reddit Lands £116 Million From Chinese Censorship Giant Tencent as Users Call BS

Reddit has raised a $300 million (£233 million) investment round led by a $150 million (£116 million) cash injection from the Chinese tech titan Tencent. Meanwhile, the San Francisco-based social media site, valued at $3 billion (£2.3 billion) and ranked as the sixth most popular website in the United States, is still banned in China. Read More >>

Reddit, Banned in China, Is Reportedly Set to Land £116 Million Investment From a Chinese Censorship Powerhouse

Who really thinks about where the money is coming from as long as you get the money? Read More >>

Tourist in Australia Goes Viral Holding ‘Beautiful’ Octopus That Can Kill Within Minutes

A tourist in Australia has gone viral after posting a video of themself holding a blue-ringed octopus. But it hasn’t gone viral just because the animal is beautiful. The blue-ringed octopus is one of the most venomous creatures in Australia and the unnamed tourist is lucky to be alive. Read More >>

10 Things We Learnt From The Tube Driver Reddit AMA

We love a good Reddit AMA (that's Ask Me Anything for the non-Redditors among you) -- a tradition where people with interesting jobs or experiences post a thread and people can, as you might have guessed, ask them anything. Read More >>

Qanon Conspiracy Communities Banned From Reddit

Reddit on Wednesday removed its dedicated community for discussion of the ludicrous Qanon conspiracy. According to a notice that now replaces the subreddit, r/GreatAwakening, the impetus for ban—a last resort Reddit tends to avoid at all costs—lists “inciting violence, harassment, and the dissemination of personal information” as the cause. A second, smaller Qanon-related subreddit, r/the_greatawakening, was also banned, this one for “inciting harassment,” according to Reddit’s landing page. User _korbendallas_ has also compiled a list of several smaller communities like QProofs, Quincels, QClearanceAnon, and TheGreatWakeUp, which were also banned; however, it’s about 50/50 in terms of whether these subreddits were banned for inciting harassment or for ban evasion. Read More >>

Reddit Hacked, Some User Data Stolen

According to chief technology officer Christopher Slowe, Reddit suffered a data breach at the hands of a hacker or a group of hackers between June 14th and June 18th. Veteran users of the “frontpage of the internet” should consider securing their accounts. Read More >>

What Is Fungal Acne and Why Do So Many People Suddenly Think They Have It?

Have you ever had a breakout that wouldn’t go away for weeks, maybe even months, no matter which products you threw at it? Did it consist of a lot of small bumps? Was it a little itchy? Read More >>

Thanos Has Snapped His Fingers and Killed Half of a Subreddit

Perfect balance has been achieved. The r/ThanosDidNothingWrong subreddit is now better equipped to allocate its precious resources after moderators randomly banned half of its members. Was I among those culled? Well, all I can say is: I don’t feel so good right now, Mr. Stark. Read More >>

Redditor Gives Live Updates After Apparently Finding Anti-Tank Missile in Server Room

Ever head into the office to find your chair at someone else’s desk? Or a new plant in the break room? What about a live explosive next to where you keep the server racks? That’s what Reddit user WhySoSadCZ appears to have found and photographed after attempting to perform some routine maintenance in a seemingly innocuous office building. Read More >>

Who on Earth Taught You People How to Eat?

Depending on where you’re eating and who you’re eating it with, the rules around food can be stunningly complex. The core concept, however, is that food is inserted into the mouth, and once it’s there, if you find it impossible to masticate with human teeth or discover the object to be a source of pain/bleeding, an error in judgement has been made. Spit it out and try a new approach. Not food. Read More >>

This Clever Westworld Sleuth Found the ‘Raj’ Park Months Ago, and There’s Still More to Uncover

Westworld’s latest park reveal may have seemed like a surprise to many viewers, but there have been hints about Park 6 for months. Of course, they weren’t easy to find, but someone did. We’ve got an interview with the fan who first came across the code to “the Raj,” and what he’s since found that hints at the future of Westworld. Read More >>

Reddit Wants to Reintroduce Cryptocurrency Payments at Some Point, and Not Just Bitcoin

Back in March Reddit removed the option to pay for Reddit Gold with Bitcoin, citing changes to Coinbase's payment platform and users experiencing bugs as the reason. Now, though, Reddit's Chief Technology Officer Chris Slowe has suggested this move isn't permanent and more crypto options might arrive in the near future. Read More >>