Android Finally Redesigns Its Emoji to Be Less Creepy

Android’s emoji are known for being just awfully designed. It’s not just a matter of style—in some cases they’re so different from other platforms that they can lead to some serious misunderstandings. The latest developer build of Android N reveals that Google is finally making its emoji look more human. Which is good, because what the fuck were those weird things supposed to be? Read More >>

Redesigning One of Google’s Most Useful Tools

Google Images is a great product, but there are a few areas where the user experience and design could be better. So, I spent a few days refining it. Too lazy to read? Jump to the bottom and watch the video for the tl;dr. Read More >>

Firefox’s Customisable (and Chrome-Like) Redesign is Available Now

Mozilla just released a pretty extensive new Firefox redesign, with cleaned up visuals and some great new features. It looks pretty different from the old Firefox—and rather similar to Google Chrome—with some deep customisation options and nice integration between desktop and mobile browsers. Read More >>

Why Facebook Ditched a Nice Redesign

Last year Facebook debuted a nice redesign that featured big, beautiful pictures, seen above. But Facebook never rolled it out. Why? Because most people have crappy old computers. Read More >>

New Flickr Walkthrough: So Pretty, So Much, So Free

After languishing for years as a neglected acquisition, Flickr has finally been given the jumpstart it so desperately needed and deserved. As of right now, not only to you get a free terabyte of storage and extremely high-res photo uploads, you get it in pretty stellar package. Here's what you're dealing with. Read More >>

Is This Redesign Enough to Make You Care About Yahoo Again?

We've been hearing rumours of a big, game-changing Yahoo redesign since Marissa Mayer came on board as CEO, so hold onto your butts because it's finally here. The new Yahoo has an customisable infinite scroll newsfeed! It has Facebook integration! And more! But is it enough to make you give a hoot about Yahoo again? If you ever did to begin with? Read More >>

Dropbox’s Site Redesign: Now Built for Comfort and Speed

Drop Box has been rolling out new features pretty regularly over the past couple of weeks but there's no hiding the cloud storage service's shiny new UI. Read More >>