Xiaomi Launches Its Entry-Level Redmi 7A With a Big Range of Features for Such a Tiny Price

Xiaomi has announced the Redmi 7A - a budget smartphone that doesn't scrimp on features. Read More >>

Xiaomi Will Launch a Snapdragon-Powered Redmi Flagship This Year

Xiaomi has been busy since announcing that it's turning its Redmi phones into a sub-brand: we've had the announcement of the Redmi Note 7 (yes, they really are releasing a phone called the Note 7 -- what could possibly go wrong?), the budget Redmi Go, and now an as-yet-unnamed Snapdragon flagship. Read More >>

Specs For The New Xiaomi Redmi Go Have Leaked

Interesting news from the Xiaomi phone stable: their upcoming Redmi Go phone won't run the company's MIUI version of Android like the others. Read More >>

Xiaomi is Spinning off the Redmi Phone Range Into its Own Brand

You may have heard of Xiaomi. In addition to hosting that botched flash sale last year, the budget Chinese phone maker also sell a ridiculous number of phones for ludicrously cheap prices. Cheapest among them are the Redmi range, which offers devices that cost as little as £99. Now it's just announced that Redmi is being spun off into its own sub-brand. A bit like how Honor is a separate company Huawei uses flogs off its own ultra-budget phones. Read More >>