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This Camera is Going to Hell, and Will Send Us Pictures

European Space Agency engineers are going where no human will ever go. They've put a camera inside an automated spacecraft full of rubbish (including sewage) to see what will happen during its reentry into Earth's atmosphere this weekend. Read More >>

You Must Watch the Acid Trip of a Light Show Orion Produced on Reentry

A few days ago, we saw what astronauts see when they reenter Earth's atmosphere in the Soyuz space capsule. But that awesome array of sparks and glowing heat waves pales in comparison to new reentry footage recently taken from a camera on the Orion crew module. Read More >>

This is What Astrounats Actually See on Re-Entry

Ever wondered what astronauts see when they return from the International Space Station at the end of their mission, tucked tightly into a Soyuz space capsule? Well, it's this. Read More >>