Watch Olympus’ Amazing Image Stabilisation Work its Shake-Free Magic

Olympus’ 5-axis image stabilisation is some of the best out there. The system allows you to usable shoot images in conditions where the results would horribly shaky. This video captures a view of what the shake-free guts look like under the hood. It’s hypnotising. Read More >>

This is How Kodak Survives Now That Film is Dead

The decline of Kodak as a powerhouse of photography is a story oft told. But what does it actually look like in the facilities that once churned out endless rolls of film for the masses? This New York Times video shows what has become of Eastman Kodak's business, and it might be a bit of a surprise. Read More >>

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Watch as Photoshop Experts Try (and Fail) to Use Photoshop 1.0

Photoshop recently celebrated its 25th birthday — a whole quarter century of cropping, manipulating, and perfecting pictures from crappy creations to creative masterpieces. But take a collection of current Creative Cloud experts and inflict Photoshop 1.0 on them, and the results are disastrously entertaining. Read More >>

Casinos Look Incredibly Eerie Without all the People

Casinos can be rancid places, full of sadness and stale beer. But if you just vacuumed out all the gambling, they're surprisingly peaceful—if a little weird in the interior decoration department. Photographer Joe Johnson proves it in "The Playing Field," a project that documents Reno, its casinos, and almost zero humans. Read More >>

You Don’t Need the Insane Zoom That Camera Makers Are Shilling

Camera makers are trying everything to revive the tanking market of low-end shooters. Their latest gambit? Insanely long zooming cameras that reach across vast swaths of land. But zoom is just another sweet-sounding spec that could leave you with crappier pictures. Read More >>

Watch How Common Photoshop Tricks Were Done in the Darkroom

As yesterday-into-today's Dress-gate has shown, editing a photo is as easy as clicking a mouse with the modern magic of Photoshop. But another type of magic dominated when the only option was a darkroom and enlarger.Some of us remember these days well, but for the young 'uns out there, this demo shows just how photo editing went down in the film days. Read More >>

The Birth and Evolution of Frame Rate In Films

One of the most basic mechanisms of the motion picture is frame rate -- how fast those frames of still images flicker past your eye to produce the magical effect of cinema. And this video traces the history of why such values as 24, 30, or 60 frames per second came to be standard: Read More >>

I Really Want This Camera Bag That Looks Like a Normal Bag

Camera bags are not only almost always ugly, but they also shout to the world that you are carrying expensive objects around. The Brevitē is a rucksack that looks gloriously normal yet has all the necessary compartments to stow your camera gear. Read More >>

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The Contraptions That Made Photographic Images Before Cameras Existed

You're probably familiar with the beginnings of photography. The daguerreotype, early black and whites, sepia-tone—and it all gets more colorful from there. But what about before photography? When there was no capture medium or lenses and everything was based on linear perspective? How did these early artists capture something or someone in the most accurate way possible? Read More >>

Sony A7 II: A Mirrorless Camera That Stabilises Shots With Any Lens

Sony clearly isn't one to be complacent: its compact mirrorless camera, the A7, launched a year ago, then got a video upgrade just six months later. Now, it's successor, the A7 II, has been announced. Read More >>

Insanely Detailed Diagram of a Classic Nikon SLR’s Guts

Some gadgets of the past were feats of engineering that managed to squeeze countless moving parts into small packages. This diagram of the classic Nikon F3 shared by Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter is a glorious sea of mechanics. Read More >>

This New Super 8 Camera Captures Nostalgia in a Flash

Super 8 broke onto the scene as an entry-level option for every back-garden film-maker of the 1960s and '70s. However, it soon fell into film-format purgatory when digital film spread throughout both the professional and amateur market as a more dominant preference. And after a long hibernation, it might be making a comeback thanks to a new camera that runs on Super 8. Read More >>