Experts Worry As Germany Tests Voice Recognition Software to Screen Refugees

Germany announced this week that it will begin testing voice recognition software in its screening of refugees seeking asylum. The approach may help speed up the processing of hundreds of thousands of migrants, but some experts fear that the imperfect technology could cause more harm than good. Read More >>

Look at the Refugee Crisis Frozen in Intricate 3D Detail

The Greek island of Lesbos, once known for its beautiful beaches and Mediterranean landscape, has become the heartbreaking geographic symbol of the refugee crisis. Now, some of the scenes have been captured in painstaking detail using 3D laser scanning. Read More >>

5 European Countries Have Built Border Fences to Keep Out Refugees

Over the last few weeks, hastily erected razor-wire fences have made headlines as they’ve appeared along Hungary’s border to keep out refugees fleeing war-torn countries. But this is actually not a new phenomenon: at least four more European countries have built fences in the last few years in a heightened effort to keep immigrants out. Read More >>