A 400 Year-Old Shark May Hold the Cure to Ageing

If you’re counting on technology to radically extend your lifespan, you’ll want to pay close attention to what’s happening with the Greenland shark. According to a new scientific paper, this mysterious deep-sea dweller can live up to 400 years, making it the longest-lived vertebrate on Earth. Read More >>

This Technicolour Mutant Zebrafish is Synthetic Biology’s Craziest Creation Yet

It sounds ripped out of the pages of a science fiction novel but the genetically modified, brilliantly coloured zebra fish pictured above is no fantasy. It was created by scientists, to explore one of the most elusive processes in biology: tissue regeneration. Read More >>

Biologists Coax Worms Into Growing New Kinds of Heads

In what sounds like a plot line from a BioShock game, a team of biologists has coaxed an animal into growing a new head and brain resembling those of a different species. The bizarre accomplishment adds to a growing body of research highlighting the importance of non-DNA factors (collectively known as the ‘epigenome’) in determining the most fundamental aspects of an organism’s anatomy. Read More >>

Crayfish Can Turn Ordinary Blood Cells Into Neurons

Whatever you happen to call them — crawfish, crawdads, mudbug — crayfish are pretty tasty. They also have a pretty remarkable ability to regenerate neurons from blood cells. Understanding brain regeneration in these little crustaceans might one day help us understand how it could work in humans. Read More >>