Amazon Rekognition Can Now Identify the Emotion It Provokes in Rational People

Most people familiar with face-scanning software suite Amazon Rekognition, its place in the surveillance state, and its questionable efficacy are apt to fear what the consequences of such a technology might be when deployed against civilians. As the company was delighted to point out, fear is also the most recent emotion Rekognition is now able to detect. Read More >>

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Test of Amazon’s Face Recognition by US Police Ends as a Devastating Flop

The US city of Orlando, Florida has ended its pilot trial of Rekognition, Amazon’s face recognition system, with no current plans for future tests. But the city hasn’t suddenly had a change of heart due to ethical concerns about the technology—they reportedly just couldn’t get it to work. Read More >>

Amazon Shareholders Fail to Limit Company’s Sale of Facial Recognition Software

Long-simmering concerns over Amazon’s facial recognition software came to a head this week during the company’s annual shareholder meeting, where activist investors put forward several agenda items that would increase oversight of the software and limit who could use it. Read More >>

This Week, Amazon Has a Chance to Prove It Can Do the Right Thing on Its Own

Today, during an Amazon shareholder meeting, investors will vote on proposals pushing for more oversight on the tech giant’s facial recognition efforts. But there are a number of caveats. Read More >>

Amazon May Be Forcing Its Sellers to Contribute to Its Facial Recognition Program

Amazon has consistently faced ongoing outcry over its contentious Rekognition software, but that apparently isn’t stopping the company from testing out facial recognition technology on its sellers. Read More >>

US Lawmakers Ask Jeff Bezos for Information on His Facial Recognition Software, Less Nicely This Time

Late in July, American lawmakers sent a letter seeking details on Rekognition, Amazon’s in-house facial recognition software. Amazon wrote back, blandly, in August, but according to this increasingly impatient group of congresspeople, the company “has failed to provide sufficient answers.” Read More >>

New Documents Show Amazon’s Face-Scanning Tech for Cops Was a Headache From the Start

Earlier this year, Amazon’s facial recognition tech Rekognition—which can scan photos and videos and match them against databases of faces—faced a flood of criticism from Amazon employees, shareholders, and civil rights activists who argued that its use by government agencies was unethical or even dangerous. That backlash was spurred by an ACLU report showing how Amazon was working with law enforcement in America to market its surveillance tech—and now new documents provide more insight into how Amazon is giving this controversial tool to police. Read More >>